2018 Rossignol Temptation Women’s Skis Review

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2018 Rossignol Temptation Women Skis Rated


If you're looking to build your confidence in the snow, the 2018 Rossignol Temptation Women's Skis won't be the ones to let you down.

They're lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver so you'll be flying down the slopes like a pro in no time.

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If you are in the market for a great pair of women’s all-mountain skis, the 2018 Rossignol Temptation Women’s Skis may be just what you’re seeking.

They are extremely stable, can go very fast, and are great for beginners.

rossignol temptation review

Unfortunately, not all skiers have such a good experience with them. Some users found they were weak in powder and were ill-suited for an aggressive skier.

Nonetheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a more in-depth look at the 2018 Rossignol Temptation Women’s Skis.

2018 Rossignol Temptation Women’s Skis: The Details

In A Nutshell

  • Lengths: 144, 152, 160, 168 cm.
  • Sidecut: 122/75/111 mm (for 160 cm).
  • Profile: Auto-turn rocker.
  • Turn Radius: 14 m (for 160 cm).
  • Level: Beginner – Intermediate.
  • Type: All-mountain.


Auto Turn Rocker

The 2018 Rossignol Temptation Women’s Skis have an auto-turn rocker profile.

What does this mean? The skis are a blend of a rocker and camber profile, which helps increase stability and ensure you are thoroughly precise even when in hard snow.

There is 70% camber through the ski, which allows for more power and edge grip. It also has a moderate rocker at the tip and tail, which gives you more control and ease when turning and steering.

As a final bonus, it allows you to control your speed in almost any condition.

Extended Sidecut

The Temptation also comes with an extended sidecut. This will help with grip even if you’re sailing along at high speeds, and should you need more control at a softer pace, it can give you the necessary grip as well.

The extended sidecut (which goes all the way to the tip) allows for the majority of your ski to be in contact with the snow, resulting in a more stable ride that’s less likely to skid or wipe out.

The more your skis fully touch the snow, the more secure you’ll be.


The Temptation boasts of a wood core, which makes the skis stable, more balanced, more agile, more playful, and far damper (resulting in less vibration up your legs).

It also makes them lightweight, so there’s no worry of you feeling weighed down as you try to speed over the slopes.


The main laminate on these skis is the Air Tip, which is a technology exclusive to Rossignol.They fill the tip of each ski with air, and as a result, the ski is not only lighter, but it has maximum torsional rigidity.

To break it down: The air helps redistribute the weight so you stay balanced and safe, while also giving the ski more versatility when you need it.

All in all, the center of gravity is shifted closer to the middle of the ski, so you have more power and control over the ski, rather than it having power over you. That’s a great feature for beginners!

women's all mountain skis

In addition, the Basalt laminate makes for a strong board. This laminate is much stronger than fibreglass and offers more flexibility so your skis become more powerful, yet stable.


There is also a sintered base on this Rossignol ski.

If this is your first time shopping for skis and you’re unaware of all the terms, a sintered base means that the manufacturer uses P-tex pellets and applies a huge amount of pressure to fuse these pellets together.

It makes the ski very dense and allows for better wax absorption. This type of base makes for a faster ski, as well as one that will last for more than one season.

2018 Rossignol Temptation Women’s Skis Review

The Positives


Almost every tester of the 2018 Rossignol Temptation skis noted how stable they are.

Whether you’re gliding leisurely down the slopes or going at high speeds, there’s no worry of these skis ever feeling insecure or wobbly.

They’ll also allow you to charge through even the hardest and iciest snow while still remaining upright, and you don’t have to worry about any harm being done to the skis either.

The wood core and the extended sidecut work together to ensure this set will last.

Good for Beginners

Beginners rejoice! The Rossignol Temptation skis are great for the beginner to intermediate-level skiers.

These skis actually do much better with a less aggressive rider, which makes them perfect for someone fairly new to skiing.

If you’ve been renting skis for a while, or only ski a couple of times a year and are finally looking for a pair to own, these are the right choice for you.

If you’re more of an occasional skier looking to cruise along the slopes instead of crushing them with your speed, these skis will play well with that and will blend with this type of skier.

Good on Turns

The Temptation skis are also great on turns. They are precise and are flexible enough to avoid a stiff feeling while you’re trying to move and/or turn around obstacles.

2018 Rossignol Temptation review

The auto-turn rocker (as you can probably guess by the name) is what’s working in your favor here. The little bit of rocker at the tip and tail of each ski makes steering a breeze and ultimately enhances your ability to maneuver on the slopes.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been on skis for some time, with the Rossignol Tempation’s stability and turn handling, you won’t have to worry too much about gliding into a tree, or another skier.

Skiers will find turns to be easier to initiate thanks to the skis’ responsiveness, saving you any mishaps and (or embarrassment).


Multiple users also noted how lightweight these skis are. There’s no worry of feeling like weights are tied to your feet as you march to your starting point or sail down the slopes.

The wood core and the Air Tips ensure these skis feel light and maneuverable. You’ll be able to turn, glide, and control these skis effortlessly, without needing to put your back (or your thighs, in this case) into the job.

Lighter skis mean that they’ll be nicer on your feet too! You’ll be able to cruise along the trails longer with the Rossignol Temptation Skis since they won’t be weighing your feet down too much.

Your legs and feet will surely appreciate the burden this board takes off of them, and it won’t be daunting to carry them at the end of the day.


The lightweight feature also makes these skis very fast, should you choose to utilize this asset. If you enjoy rocketing down the mountain, then the Temptation will be ideal.

The sintered base enhances their ability to generate speed, and the overall construction means you can enjoy a quick pace while still being in control and stable.

Users loved moving both off-piste and on with the Temptations. These features make these skis a little more versatile than others on the market since you can choose to push them fast or take it easy without losing much of its stability.

Great Grip 

If you’re still getting used to skiing, these skis will be able to give the confidence you need to really perfect your skills.

Its forgiving construction makes it easy to gain some self-assurance as it keeps you stable and upright, turning those basic maneuvers into expertly performed ones.

It has a firmer grip on hard snow too, making it easy for these skis to take on less than ideal conditions. That being said, expect these skis to really perform when you take them on groomers.

Before you know it, you’ll be skiing like an expert thanks to how easy these skis make maneuvering. You’ll feel totally in control so you fumble less.

Handles Icy Conditions

As mentioned, these are not the skis to slow you down should the conditions outside be less than ideal, or you’re looking to get some time in on your skis at the end of the day.

These skis will still perform great when facing icy or harder packed snow conditions and will remain stable while they tackle freezing weather and slush.

2018 Rossignol Temptation with Xpress Bindings

The Negatives

Not Great in Powder

According to multiple testers, the one area where these skis failed is in powder. They are not great at floating and the rocker tips tend to stick into the snow rather than glide on top.

If powder is your preferred terrain, then these skis are not for you, as they will struggle and perhaps dump you.

They may be lightweight, but in this case, that doesn’t mean they float well. Users had the tips take a nosedive into fresh powder almost every time.

Not for the Aggressive Skier

A couple of users also mentioned that these skis are not great for aggressive riders. They truly are meant for a beginner or intermediate skier who is willing to take it easy.

One tester even said they didn’t think these skis needed to be used aggressively – or even should be. When you use them at a slower pace, you will get much better results.

If you tend to be an aggressive skier, you may want to think twice before purchasing.

Overall Verdict

After looking through all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the 2018 Rossignol Temptation Women’s Skis.

With all their features, and their ability to be fast, stable, good on turns, and lightweight, there is not much bad to say about these skis.

The only reason to stay away from them is if you love to ski on fresh powder or if you are an aggressive rider. Otherwise, they are a great purchase that will serve a beginner well throughout their trips.

Where to Buy the 2018 Rossignol Temptation Women’s Skis

The Rossignol Temptation Women’s Ski is just one example of this brand’s wide variety of accessible winter sporting equipment.

With a stamp on the market, Rossignol continues to make high-quality sporting equipment that caters to varying enthusiasts, and their products can be found around the globe.

Thanks to this brand’s popularity and performance over the years, you’ll be able to find items like the Rossignol Temptation Women’s Skis both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check sporting equipment and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find these skis on Amazon.

2018 Rossignol Temptation review

That’s the end of our 2018 Rossignol Temptation review. Curious to give these a go?


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