The Best Ski Gear and Equipment for 2019

Here at Ski Judge we cover a wide variety of skis, snowboards and other must-have equipment before you set trail on the slopes.

Whether you're looking for high performance all-mountain skis, or a snowboard fit for absolute beginners, we've got reviews of the top brands and the best value deals.

Browse through our latest reviews below.

Ski Reviews

We've rounded up a selection of the best skis on the market today, covering a variety of suitable terrains at levels from beginner to advanced.

From the iconic Volkl Mantra range, to the latest ski tech and design from K2, Rossignol and Fischer and other top brands.

Snowboard Reviews

Choosing the right snowboard can make all the difference between the ultimate thrill-seeking sessions on the mountain, or... a lot of time sitting in the snow.

There are four different types of boards you will find:

  • All-mountain snowboards
  • Freestyle snowboards
  • Powder snowboards
  • Freeride snowboards

Our snowboard reviews introduce you to the best brands, types of snowboards, and the most popular boards for various different skill levels.

Ski Gear Reviews

Most ski resorts will provide the basic essentials for your time on the slopes. But unless you want to be stuck with fraying gloves and poorly fitting goggles, it makes sense to come prepared with your own gear.

Here we review some of the other skiing essentials: from gloves and jackets, to boots and goggles.

Other Essentials