Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis Review

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Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis


One thing's for sure, the Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis are awesome on powder! They're responsive, easy-to-maneuver and lightweight, keeping your confidence high on the snow.

While beginners will have to work their way up to these, they're a fun ski worth taking a day with off-piste.

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Finding the right skis for you and your skill level can feel like discovering a needle in a haystack. There are countless brands, specs, and unique features to consider; it can be overwhelming.

To help narrow your search for the ideal set, today, we’re taking a peek at the Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis. According to testers, they are stable, great on powder, and have a superb edge grip.

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Unfortunately, not everyone had a good experience with these skis. Some riders found they were too unstable at higher speeds and others warned they’re not suited for beginners.

Are these deal-breakers for you? Before you make your final decision, let’s take an in-depth look at the Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis.

Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Lengths: 172, 180, 188 cm.
  • Sidecut: 140/116/130 mm. for 188 cm.
  • Profile: Rocker/Camber/Rocker.
  • Turn Radius: 21 m. for 188 cm.
  • Level: Advanced to expert.
  • Type: Powder skis.



The Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis have a rocker/camber/rocker profile. As such, the tips and tails of the skis are slightly curved upward, while the middle is concave.

They will flatten out when you put your weight on them, ensuring there is always some point of contact between the skis and the snow.

This profile gives the skis power, grip, easy float, and provides the rider easy control, especially in powder.


The Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis have a centered sidecut. What does this mean in practice? The skis have a shortened sidecut directly underneath where you place your feet.

This is combined with a tapered tip and tail. As such, the set is specially designed to provide great edge grip, ample power, easy steering, and – as a bonus – incorporates a playful touch into the skis.


The core of the Super 7 2019 skis is a combination of high-grade materials. It’s primarily composed of Paulownia wood to help keep the weight of the skis relatively low, while also improving maneuverability and control.

The design doesn’t stop there; a carbon alloy matrix is further combined with the wood to ensure stability, precision, power, and grip. This is all without the need for metal laminates.

Next, the matrix is developed from a combination of carbon and basalt fibers. The carbon provides the power and the lightness, while the basalt helps with shock absorption and stability.


The sidewalls on the Super 7 2019 skis include multiple layers of wood, fiberglass, and metal, alongside vertical sidewalls that run the full length of each ski.

The sidewalls work to give the rider maximum edge grip, precision, and balance, while ensuring the skis can power through rougher terrain.

These skis also have caps at the tips and tails, improving durability. Rossignol calls them Air Tips; even if you crash into a snowbank, the tips of your skis will stay intact.


These Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis use a Visco elastomer as the laminate coating the set. As such, the transition between the rocker and camber is far smoother, increasing stability and control.

As a bonus, this gradual transition helps to improve the skis’ grip on the snow, giving you more points of contact – and, therefore, better control over your ride. Maneuverability is the name of this game.

best powder skis

Rossignol: The Brand

Rossignol was founded in 1907 by Abel Rossignol. He began making wood products for the textile industry, but, as an avid skier, he decided to use his skills to develop a pair of skis made of solid wood.

In 1937, a skier became a triple champion riding a pair of Rossignol skis. Now, the company makes skis for men, women, and kids, along with bikes, scooters, boots, bags, jackets, gloves, and mittens.

Their stated mission is to be “the most progressive and authentic mountain brand around.”

Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis Review

The Positives

Super Stable

We loved how stable the Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis are, and an overwhelming amount of customers agree.

This is primarily due to the rocker/camber/rocker profile, wood and carbon alloy core, and the Visco elastomer laminate.

These materials and design features all work together to ensure you never feel unsteady or insecure on the slopes, even when travelling in less than ideal terrain.

Stable skis are important in ensuring the rider stays confident and upright while out in the snow. Instead of worrying about wobbly skis, you can charge into the snow with poise and certainty.

Incredibly Lightweight

Considering the design choices of the Rossignol skis, it’s no wonder we were impressed by their lightweight build.

The materials that make up the core, the sidewalls, and the laminates were all chosen to maintain a lightweight design without losing any stability – even when all the materials are combined. Not many skis can say that.

There are countless lightweight skis on the market, but most sacrifice stability to obtain that lower weight. That is not an issue here.

Lightweight skis are so much easier on your body, requiring less effort to maneuver while out in the snow. And, as a bonus, they’re a lot less of a hassle to lug around on your ski vacation.

As a result, you’ll have much more energy, allowing you to take a couple more laps and take advantage of the snow for longer periods.

Awesome on Powder

Since these are classified as powder skis, it’d be rather pointless if they handled only slightly well on power. Fortunately, we’re happy to report that they ride like a dream on the fluffy white stuff.

The rocker/camber/rocker profile delivers great float, and all the materials were chosen to keep the skis lightweight, so you won’t sink no matter how soft the snow is.

On this set, you can glide across the powdery slopes with no issues whatsoever.

Very Versatile

While these skis shine best on powder, they’re actually quite versatile! If you want to take them on groomers, or to the park, they’ll keep up.

If you want to take them out on less ideal conditions like slush, they’ll perform similarly to powder, and if you want to have some fun with these, they’re super playful too.

Whether you’re taking these skis through the forest, gliding through turns, or skiing across crud, the ease of maneuverability with these skis will take you through.

Speaking of turns, when it comes to carving, these skis will deliver on both short and long radius turns, with tons of fun to be had.

Excellent Grip

Based on tester feedback, these skis also have an exceptional grip. Whether you’re making tight turns or dodging obstacles in your way, the grip of your skis is important to ensure you have control of your ride and that you aren’t wiping out unnecessarily.

The Visco elastomer laminate, the sidewalls, the core, and the rocker/camber/rocker profile all contribute to the grip of the Super 7 2019 skis.

These skis are great when it comes to maneuverability; they’re intuitive and forgiving, making it easy to have some fun out on the snow.

No matter the kind of terrain you’re riding on, there’s no danger of these edges slipping. This helps to keep your confidence high while using these skis, and users won’t be afraid to push the boundaries with the Rossignol Super 7s.

best powder skis

The Negatives

Unstable at High Speeds

Even with those advantages, no pair of skis is without fault. If you like to go super fast while out on the slopes, you might be disappointed with how these skis perform at high speeds; this set can grow very unstable when pushed too fast.

The skis are fine when you’re traveling at a slow or even medium speed, but if you’re looking to race across the slopes, you’ll find a sub-par ride.

There’s a chance you’ll also experience chatter, vibrations, and even felt jerked around when you try to speed up. If you like to maintain a fast pace, these Rossignols may not be a fit for you.

Not for Beginners

Testers also noted that these skis are not for beginners. While they may be stable and provide solid control, you need an appropriate level of experience to drive up their performance.

The Super 7 2019s require a somewhat aggressive rider. Only those with advanced or expert skill levels have the power and know-how to make these skis reach their full potential.

Nonetheless, beginners shouldn’t be too disappointed. There are plenty of other options available for you! Save these for later in your skiing journey.

More Fun Off-Piste

While this isn’t a dealbreaker, it’s clear that these skis shine the best when they’re on powder. This is when they give the absolute best performance.

Unfortunately, that means they just aren’t as fun when taking them on-piste or on groomers. As mentioned, they tend to cause more chatter on harder packed snow, so you won’t get as smooth as a ride as you would in powder.

These skis are still very versatile in comparison to other powder skis that can only be taken on heavy snow, but do expect a bit more work when in harder conditions.

Overall Verdict

After going through all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis. They’re very stable, great at riding on powder, and provide excellent grip.

So long as you aren’t seeking a fast ride, and are at an advanced or expert skill level, these skis will perform wonderfully. For those who lack the experience, it’s wise to keep shopping.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of winter skis, these Rossignols are definitely worth checking out.

Where to Buy the Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis

Rossignol is a brand with a stamp on the market. They have an impressive line of equipment for skiers of all levels, all manufactured with the high-quality that enthusiasts have come to know and love.

These skis are just one example of what this popular brand can do, with equipment available all around the globe. As such, finding Rossignol items for you to try won’t be a hard task.

The Rossignol Super 7 2019 Skis are available both in-store and online and while it’s usually best to check sporting equipment or outdoor stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find these powder skis on Amazon.

rossignol super 7 review

That’s the end of our Rossignol Super 7 review. Curious to give these a try?


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