Voile Revelator Splitboard 2018 Review

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Voile Revelator Splitboard 2018

8.8 Awesome

If you're looking for a fun, versatile and lightweight board, look no further than Voile Revelator Splitboard.

While it's best to be experienced to enjoy this ride, you're sure to feel stable and powerful thanks to its unique construction.

  • Groomer Performance 9.9
  • Powder Performance 9.9
  • Edge Hold 9.8
  • Ease of Use 4.7
  • Construction Quality 9.8
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

If you’re seeking an innovative upgrade from your old skis or snowboard, then a splitboard may be the perfect match for you. But which splitboard should you choose?

Today, we’re looking at the Voile Revelator Splitboard 2018. Combining the designs of skis and snowboards into one, you can separate the board to hike up difficult terrain and reconnect the pieces to snowboard down with ease.

voile revelator review

It’s stable, powerful, fast, and quite playful. It even comes with a puck system, so you can customize your stance.

With that said, not everyone has a great experience. Some users were disappointed in the limited color options, and others warned that the Revelator is not for beginners.

Nevertheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Voile Revelator Splitboard 2018.

Voile Revelator Splitboard 2018: The Details

In A Nutshell

  • Profile: Rocker/Camber/Rocker.
  • Shape: Directional.
  • Flex: Medium.
  • Construction: Cap construction.
  • Core: Paulownia wood.
  • Available Lengths: 154, 159, 162, 169 cm.
  • Type: Splitboard.



The Voile Revelator has a rocker/camber/rocker profile. More specifically, the camber is placed in the middle of the board where your feet are located.

This ensures the board has maximum contact with the snow during your ride, and also delivers power and great edge hold on hard snow.

Additionally, this profile makes for a very poppy design. The rocker at the tip and tail helps the board float in powder, as well as provides flex and forgiveness – something you definitely need when trudging through deep snow.


The Voile Revelator Splitboard 2018 has a directional shape. This ensures it floats across powder easily, giving you a perfectly smooth ride.

The directional shape also makes this board a combination of playful and fast. That’s great for any speed demons or those who wish to perform tricks with their splitboard.


The core of the Revelator Splitboard 2018 is built of Paulownia wood. In practice, that makes it lightweight while still remaining stable and strong.

A lighter board will be far easier to take up the slopes, without feeling weighed down.

As a bonus, this wood comes from trees that are harvested sustainably, so you can have confidence the environment is no worse for wear due to your purchase.

best backcountry snowboard


The laminate on the outside of the Revelator is carbon fiberglass. Voile inserts two layers of this fiberglass on each board.

As a result, it’s far more stable, making the splitboard responsive to your movements and providing better control for its riders. If you need to execute a precise turn or trick, this laminate is responsible for making it happen.

As a bonus, this increases the board’s stiffness, further enhancing its stability. You won’t feel ever wobbly or insecure on the Revelator!


This Voile Splitboard also has 2 mm. steel edges that fully encapsulate the design. In practice, they guarantee better edge hold on the snow, even when it’s hard packed.

You won’t find yourself wiping out because an edge slipped on the ice. It will dig into even the toughest snow easily.

Additionally, if you like charging down the mountain, these edges will get you through nearly any kind of terrain.

Splitboard Design

While this may seem obvious, if you’re new to the concept of splitboards, it’s worth noting this innovative design. Splitboards are a combination of skis and snowboards, allowing you to enjoy the best of both.

Using the seals located on the board, you can split the design into two sections, making them into a variant of ‘skis.’

This is great for hiking up difficult terrain, especially when ski lifts are not available. Then, once you reach the top, you can connect the two ‘skis’ back together to form a ‘snowboard’ and power down the slopes.

You can also switch between the designs based on your preferences for the day or to explore each sport without buying two sets of equipment.

Puck System

The Revelator also includes a Channel Puck System. This makes setting up your personalized stance incredibly easy. It’s important to be comfortable on your board, and this feature helps in that venture.

You can establish your angles and stance width to your customized specifications without the need for any complicated steps; just loosen the screws and relocate them to any position.

voile revelator snowboard

Voile Revelator Splitboard 2018 Review

The Positives


According to testers, the Revelator Splitboard is incredibly stable. There’s no worry of falling over, being wobbly, or feeling insecure – no matter how you prefer to use it.

The edges, the carbon fiberglass laminate, and the rocker/camber/rocker profile all work together to ensure you have a great ride, remaining stable on nearly any terrain.

When you are trudging through multiple feet of snow or riding down a mountainside, you want a board that can handle the test. The Revelator will get the job done.

A stable board helps in giving the rider more confidence when out in the snow too; you won’t have to worry about this splitboard letting you down.


Testers enjoyed the lightweight feel of the Revelator Splitboard. This board is one of the lighter options in comparison to the other splitboards offered on the market.

As such, you’ll be able to benefit from easier maneuverability and you’ll have more of a poppy board.

Lightweight gear is softer on your legs and feet as well, allowing you to take full advantage of your day on the snow instead of getting burnt out quickly.

And of course, this means that it will be less of a hassle to take with you since it will be less strain on your hands and arms when moving it around.

You’ll have an easier time when it comes to climbing hills and getting up the slopes, and thanks to its construction and weight, you’re less likely to reverse down a hill.


Users of the Voile Revelator also mentioned how powerful this splitboard is. With the addition of the steel edges and the directional shape, it packs a punch.

best backcountry snowboard

You can make it through the hardest snow without issue. This means you won’t have to change your board when conditions change, or the snow is less than ideal. The Revelator will cut through a variety of terrain without issue.

This goes for riding at speed as well. If you want to test your limits or race friends, this splitboard will help you crank up the pace and remain stable throughout the experience.

If you’re a speedy or an aggressive rider, this splitboard will ensure you have a ton of fun on the snow without holding back.


Speaking of fun, don’t let the stability and power fool you into thinking it’s not playful.

Numerous testers mentioned this board’s poppy and playful nature. So, if you’re after a responsive design or one that’s suitable for tricks, this Revelator is for you.

The profile, shape, and lightweight wood core all contribute to this characteristic. As you execute sharp turns or perform any kind of trick, it’s poppy and playful enough to limit the impact you feel when hitting the ground. Your knees will thank you!

Thanks to this splitboard’s responsiveness you’ll be able to practice your skills without having to fight with your equipment to keep up. If you’re feeling adventurous this board is for you.


The splitboard design, in and of itself, is built for convenience. Thanks to its construction, users won’t have to decide between skis or a snowboard – you’ll basically have both options at your feet with the Revelator.

This is great for the rider looking to experiment with different types of activities on the snow without having to pay twice the cost (or make twice the room).

Its convenience is further reinforced with Voile’s Channel Puck System, which includes pucks to help set up the board to your unique stance and ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Testers found this feature in particular super convenient since it didn’t take much to adjust things while out on the slope, giving users much less to worry about.

Testers were pleased that everything they needed was included right in the box which surely saves on money and time.

voile revelator review

The Negatives

Lack of Color Options

A few users wished that the Revelator offered more color options. As of now, on Amazon, this splitboard only comes in a blue/green mix, but Voile’s website does offer a secondary blue, pink, and orange mix.

Otherwise, there are no further designs. If you are really into the aesthetic appeal of your board, you’ll be severely limited.

Not for Beginners

If you’re new to riding on a splitboard, this isn’t the model for you. With its cranked-up power and the skill required to make it perform optimally, a beginner will be overwhelmed and out-classed by this design.

This can leave newcomers to the sport feeling frustrated and worn out. This is not what we want when you’re starting a new hobby as it can be overall deterring.

You really need to be an intermediate or advanced rider to get the most out of the Revelator so it’s best to wait until you’ve upped your skills.

Overall Verdict

After combing through all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Voile Revelator Splitboard 2018.

With its stability, playfulness, speed, and power, there are few better splitboards on the market. This board will provide users with convenience thanks to its well-thought out construction.

As long as you have the experience necessary, this model should provide you with a brilliant ride on the slopes. It’s definitely worth a shot!

Where to Buy the Voile Revelator Splitboard 2018

Voile has something for everyone in their lineup of sporting equipment. From skis to avalanche shovels, the Voile Revelator Splitboard is just one example of their large product line dedicated to snowy activities.

With the performance and accessibility of products like Revelator, Voile gear is popular, sought after by both enthusiasts and experts. As such, you’ll be able to find the Voile Revelator Splitboard 2018 both in-store and online.

It’s usually best to check sporting or outdoor stores, but you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this splitboard on Amazon.

voile revelator review

That’s the end of our Voile Revelator review. Curious to give it a go?


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