Scott Scrapper 115 Review

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Scott Scrapper 115 Skis


The Scott Scrapper 115 skis may not be for beginners but they pack stability, versatility, and are durable enough for speedy and hardier skiers.

With just a couple cons to look out for, these might be your new favorite skis.

  • Groomer Performance
  • Powder Performance
  • Edge Hold
  • Ease of Use
  • Construction Quality
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Without an implicit understanding of what you need, ski-shopping can be next to impossible. Each brand promises the moon, so how can you tell which is right?

To help your decision, today we’re evaluating the Scott Scrapper 115 skis. Based on tester feedback, they provide a smooth, stable ride; allow you to reach high speeds without issue, and are extremely lightweight.

best skis for powder

Unfortunately, not everyone shares this opinion. Some complained they weren’t damp enough, while others warned they’re not the right skis for beginners.

Does that mean you should keep shopping? Let’s take a closer look at the Scott Scrapper 115 skis and find out.

Scott Scrapper 115: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Lengths: 182, 189 cm.
  • Sidecut: 20 / 60 / 18 m for 189 cm.
  • Profile: Twin tip
  • Turn Radius: 24 m.
  • Level: Advanced-Expert.
  • Type: Powder



The Scott Scrapper 115 skis have a twin tip rocker profile. What does this mean? The tip and the tail of each ski are tilted up to help with floating on top of snow, especially on powder.

The rocker also makes the skis playful, so they’ll respond well to your movements and better perform on jumps or tricks.

The area between the tip and the tail of each ski is cambered, meaning it is slightly concave. As such, when you put your weight down, it straightens out and maintains contact with the snow. This provides great edge hold and stability.


The core of each Scrapper 115 ski is made of Paulownia wood and runs along the full length of the ski.

This design contributes to the flexibility of this set, ensuring you have a smooth transition from the middle of the ski to the tip and tail.

The wood also keeps the skis lightweight, so you never feel weighed down.


These Scott skis use a sandwich sidewall construction laminate – or SSCL. This design combines a top and bottom laminate sheet with a more traditional sandwich sidewall construction.

By pairing these two methods, Scott uses less material, ensuring a lightweight and durable ski.

Scott also uses carbon stringers along the length of each ski to help with power, speed, and stability.


These Scrapper 115 skis also use Scott’s freestyle finish edge system. This edge is different from other skis in that it has a greater base edge angle of 1.6 degrees.

The angle contributes to easier turns and spins and makes landing after jumps and rails far easier. You’ll be sure to stick the landing.


These Scrapper skis have a sintered, ultra-high molecular weight base. A sintered base is made by fusing P-tex pellets together by putting them under a great deal of pressure.

As such, the skis have better wax absorption, so you won’t use as much, and great speeds can be reached without issue.

Also, since the base is made from a high-density material, they’re very durable. There’s no danger of chipping or breaking, no matter the terrain.

scott scrapper 115 review

Scott Sports: The Company

Founded in 1958 by Ed Scott in Sun Valley, Idaho, Scott Sports started when its founder, an engineer and ski racer, created an aluminum ski pole.

All poles before that time had been made of bamboo or steel. From there, the company began producing all kinds of sporting goods. In 1978, the company expanded to Europe, setting up a headquarters in Switzerland.

Jump to today and Scott makes bike, bike equipment, skis, winter apparel, running shoes, any accessories you need for motorsports, and other sports apparel.

They state their “passion for the outdoors” as the reason they continuing making quality products.

Scott Scrapper 115 Review

The Positives


Scott’s combines the rocker profile, the carbon stringers, the sidewalls, and the freestyle finish edge system to make the Scrapper 115 as stable as possible.

No one wants a ride that feels insecure and wobbly. As such, with the way Scott constructed these skis, you’ll remain stable on the slopes no matter how fast you’re going or how rough the terrain.

Stable skis are key in making sure the skier stays confident and upright while out on the snow. With the Scott Scrapper skis, you’ll feel secure and comfortable with less effort from you.

As such, your body will thank you for using a stable set of skis as well, since you’ll feel less tired and sore after a day of skiing.


With the wood core and the laminates, Scott ensured these skis are extremely lightweight. When you’re on the slopes, you don’t want your skis to be weighing you down, especially if you are on powdery terrain.

Furthermore, if you are doing jumps, taking on the rails, or doing other tricks, you want something lightweight that will allow you to go high in the air, as well as move and turn easily.

When a ski is lightweight, it also means much less strain on your legs. You’ll be able to ski for much longer and recover more quickly for the next day. Lighter skis will be less of a pain overall, and you won’t have extra weight to lug home at the end of the day.

But don’t think this translates to the stability being undermined. As stated above, Scott made sure that, although lightweight, the Scrapper 115s give you a secure, smooth ride.


Based on tester feedback, users loved how fast they could go on these skis. The sandwich sidewall construction laminate and the carbon stringers make these skis incredibly fast.

You’ll have no problem racing down the mountain past your friends. Speed demons and aggressive skiers won’t have to worry about the Scott skis letting you down.

And don’t worry; the speed does not compromise how smooth your ride is. Even when you’re skiing at high speeds, the edge hold and durable construction will give you the same degree of control as found at a slower pace.

These skis remain stable and comfortable even when you’re zooming down the slopes. So if you have a need for speed, these skis do too.

Good on Turns

The Scott Scrapper 115s are responsive and precise, making this set excellent at turns.

The rocker profile and the freestyle finish edge system work together to ensure the skis grab the snow. As such, you can turn effortlessly without any issues of slipping or wiping out.

Whether you’re turning down a path or trying to avoid an obstacle in the way, the Scrapper 115s allows you to make the transition smoothly. This will give skiers much more confidence while out on the snow since you’ll have fewer worries about collisions.

You can expect these skis to be responsive, ensuring you stay out of harm’s way (or land those tricks) with little fuss from you.

best skis for powder


One thing’s for sure, most testers agreed that these skis dominated when it came to heavy powder. This is where these skis shine as they float effortlessly throw powdery snow.

But powder snow isn’t the only place these skis shine. Testers have noted that the Scott Scrapper 115 skis are great on groomers as well, and they also tackle crud like champions.

These skis are versatile, perfect for the skier looking to take these on a variety of adventures. From tricks in the park to zooming down groomers, these skis are sure to provide some fun.

Good for Aggressive Skiers

If you like to charge through snow, or are a heavier skier, the Scott Scrappers will definitely keep up with you. These are hardy and durable skis, so you won’t have to worry about them falling apart when pushed too hard.

Thanks to their well-built construction and inclusion of hardwearing materials, you can ensure these skis will last you through the seasons.

It’s clear these skis like power and when you choose to use yours, they will remain stable so you can charge the slopes with confidence.

The Negatives

Not for Beginners

Testers did warn that these skis are not for beginners. You have to be at least at an advanced or expert skill level in order to make these skis work at their full potential.

They may be responsive, stable, and easy to turn, but without the right know-how, you’ll be frustrated with their performance.

A beginner skier is not aggressive or powerful enough to control the skis the way they are intended to be controlled.

Luckily, there are plenty of beginner skis on the market. This set is designed for those who’ve in the sport for years. As such, it’s best that newer skiers work their way up to these skis before giving them a try.

Could Be Damper

Great for tricks? Yes. However, a couple of testers had issues with the dampness of the Scrapper skis. They noted that on rough, icy terrain, they could feel the bumps and vibrations a little too much for their liking.

This wasn’t an issue that the majority of testers brought up, however, so it may be down to your personal preference.

If you’re particular about smoothness and looking for a set of skis that are super high on the dampness level, you may want to keep looking. These skis may not be suited for each and every terrain.

This video shows more detail on the Scott Scrapper 115 skis.

Overall Verdict

After looking through all the positives and negatives, we recommend the Scott Scrapper 115 skis. As long as you are an advanced or expert skier, you should have a great time on this set.

They are stable, will give you the speed you crave and will maneuver through the slopes like a dream. If you are in the market for a new pair of skis, you really can’t go wrong with the Scrapper 115s from Scott.

Where to Buy the Scott Scrapper 115 Skis

The Scott brand has been around for decades, as such, they’ve been able to firmly plant themselves in the winter sporting marketplace as a top ski brand.

Thanks to this brand’s success and popularity, it won’t be hard to find items like the Scott Scrapper 115 Skis both in-store or online.

While it’s usually best to check sporting equipment and outdoor stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find these powder skis on Amazon.

scott scrapper 115 skis

That’s the end of our Scott Scrapper 115 review. Curious to give these skis a try?


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