Kastle BMX 115 Skis Review

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Kastle BMX 115 Skis


With a stable, fast, and lightweight set of skis like the Kastle BMX 115, there will be no slowing you down on the slopes.

Beginners will need to work their way up to these, but those who can handle them will have a solid, playful pair with the Kastle BMX 115s.

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Even an advanced skier can’t know exactly how a pair of skis will act without trying them. That’s why we’re here to break down all the details about these skis, so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s take a look at the Kastle BMX 115 Skis. We loved that these skis are very stable, lightweight, perform well at high speeds, and excel in nearly any kind of terrain.

kastle bmx 115 skis

But not all skis fit every skier. There’s a chance that some skiers might find the BMX to be less forgiving, while others might not be able to keep up with the expertise needed for them.

Are these factors something that can turn into real deal-breakers? Probably not, but let’s take an in-depth look at the Kastle BMX 115 Skis and find out.

Kastle BMX 115 Skis: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Lengths: 177, 185, 193 cm.
  • Sidecut: 141/115/130 mm. (For the 185 cm.)
  • Profile: Rocker/camber/rocker profile.
  • Turn Radius: 24 m. (For the 185 cm.)
  • Level: Advanced-expert skiers.
  • Type: Powder skis.



The Kastle BMX 115 Skis have a rocker/camber/rocker profile. As such, while the tips and tails of each ski are slightly turned up, the middle is bowed to ensure that, once you press your weight onto it, it flattens out.

This provides maximum contact with the snow, even in powdered conditions. The rockered tip and tail help to enhance its maneuverability, while the camber ensures you get the best float possible when riding on light terrain.


The BMX 115 skis have a core built from a combination of silver fir and beech wood. This combo makes the skis lightweight, very responsive, and quite damp.

You won’t feel every bump or divot in the snow and you’ll feel much less vibration (or chatter) while riding down the slopes.


These Kastle BMX 115 skis use sandwich-sidewall construction. This means Kastle stacks the core materials on top of one another and then places a plastic covering – ABS- over it all, ensuring that nothing is exposed.

The ABS is pressed onto the sidewalls to protect the core from water, rocks, or any other hard materials that might come its way.

The result? The skis have extra flex and provide the rider with control even at high speeds. The sandwich-sidewall construction also gives the skis better edge hold and grip, so sharp turns won’t have you wiping out. What more could you ask from a pair of skis?


The base on these Kastle skis is a high-quality UHM Graphite sintered base. This material is primarily used in racing, so you can be sure these skis are perfect for charging at top speeds.

If you like to race with your friends, this set will offer that extra level of performance. The base also makes for great sliding, excellent wax absorption, and added durability.

You won’t be replacing them after a year or two.


The BMX 115s also use Kastle’s patented Hollowtech technology. They remove any unneeded layers from the front of the ski, which makes the design far lighter.

This, in turn, makes the ski damper, more stable, creates a better edge grip, and ensures steering a bit more precise.


Kastle also put a fiberglass laminate on their BMX 115 skis, which enhances their stiff and stable nature. As a result, your ride is more comfortable.

Powder is typically a messy terrain to handle, so this strength lends itself to better rides on those days with freshly fallen snow.

The laminate also helps to ensure the skis are more forgiving, so you won’t have any issues going over bumpy or otherwise uneven terrain.

best powder skis

Kastle BMX 115 Skis Review

The Positives

Super Stable Set

We loved just how stable these BMX 115s are. They had no issues feeling insecure or wobbly while they were riding around.

This is most likely due to the construction, the Hollowtech design, and the laminates. The sandwich-sidewall ensures you always feel in control, while the laminates make the skis stiff enough for a comfortable ride.

As a plus, since the Hollowtech process removes some of the weight from the skis’ front, it balances them for greater stability.

A stable set of skis allows skiers to gain and maintain confidence while out on the snow. They’ll keep you upright so you won’t have to put in the extra effort to keep yourself from wiping out.

As a bonus, your body will be grateful since stable skis will be much easier on your muscles.

Prepare for a Very Damp Ride

No matter if you’re on soft, fluffy powder or in chunky crud, these skis ensure you feel little to no vibrations or chatter during your ride.

The core and the Hollowtech design work as shock absorbers; so, even after a long day on the slopes, your legs and knees won’t feel like they’ve been severely knocked around.

You can expect a smooth ride without feeling every bump you come across. This, in turn, adds to these skis overall stability, and versatility.

Incredibly Lightweight

Kastle did everything possible in their design to make these skis lightweight, but also stable. The Hollowtech process removes some of the material from the skis’ front, which reduces their weight.

The core is also made of lightweight wood. With these two features alone, you’ll barely feel this set on your feet. Lightweight skis mean you’ll be able to tackle jumps and tricks with more ease, and maneuvering is all the breezier.

Whether you’re doing jumps and just riding down the slopes, there’s no danger of feeling weights tied to your feet. This is especially great when sailing down the mountain at high speeds.

A lighter set of skis will be easier on your body overall, whether you’ll be wearing them for hours on end, or lugging them home at the end of the day.

Great Almost Every Terrain

While the BMX 115s are primarily powder skis, based on our observations, riding this set on rougher terrain gives you an equally great experience.

They are able to charge through cruddy snow, move across groomers, and float like a cloud over powder. You may not want to take them over icy, hard-packed snow, but they should work beautifully on anything else.

If you’re a versatile skier who is hoping to take their skis on a variety of adventures, this a versatile set to match that won’t hold you back.

Amazingly Fast

If you have a need for speed, the Kastle BMX 115 Skis are the ones for you. We loved the fast pace this set could handle, all without sacrificing control or stability.

Due to the graphite sintered base and the lightweight materials, it’s clear Kastle designed these to be racing skis. You will leave your friends in your snowy dust if you race them down the slopes.

Thanks to the weight and dampness of these skis, you won’t have to worry about losing your confidence when you’re zipping down and around the slopes.

The Kastle BMX skis are definitely able to keep up with the speediest of skiers, making these a high-quality pair of very fun skis. If you’ve worked up some skill on the snow and love to ride your set hard, these skis will be sure to stand up to the task.

They’re a hardy set of skis, but they’re flexibility and durability means they’re great for charging down the slopes.

best skis for powder

The Negatives

Requires Some Skill

While we loved how well the Kastle BMX 115 Skis responded to skiers’ movements, not every skier may feel this way.

Those who are lower on the skiing skill level scale may find that these skis aren’t as precise as expected, and they may be less forgiving to you than other skis.

While these skis are a bit stiff and that might be a factor here, you’ll want to have some skill with things like maneuverability and turns to have these skis really work for you.

Since they are a stiffer ski, they’ll lack some extra flex and give. While this will be troublesome for some, it all depends on your preferences and skill level.

Not for Beginners

Speaking of skill levels, the Kastle BMX 115 Skis are not for beginners. While they ride like a dream, you should be a more advanced, aggressive skier to make this set work at their full potential.

A beginner simply lacks the necessary experience to force these skis into submission, and will typically be overwhelmed.

Luckily, there are countless options on the market if you’re a beginner or a less aggressive skier, so it’s best to wait until you’ve upped your skill level before switching to the BMX skis. They’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready!

Watch for Ice

While these skis are a blast on a variety of terrain, you’ll want to take it easy with these when taking them out on the ice.

While their dampness and stability mean you can take them almost anywhere, they won’t perform as well in ice as they do in powder.

While this doesn’t take away too much from this set overall, you may want to save these BMX skis for days that aren’t as icy.

best skis for powder

Overall Verdict

After looking over all the positives and negatives, we recommend the Kastle BMX 115 Skis. They work on a range of different terrains, they provide almost unfailing stability even at high speeds, and they’re exceptionally lightweight.

As such, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better powder ski on the market. So long as you aren’t skiing over really icy, hard snow, and aren’t a beginner or new skier, this set should work perfectly for you.

Where to Buy the Kastle BMX 115 Skis

Kastle has been around for decades, producing high-quality outdoor equipment including skis, poles, and bindings. The Kastle BMX skis are one example of this company’s dedication and enthusiasm to the skiing community.

Thanks to this company’s success, Kastle skis are known around the globe and can be found being sold by popular retailers worldwide. As such, the Kastle BMX 115 Skis are available both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check sporting and outdoor stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find these skis on Amazon.

kastle bmx 115 review

That’s the end of our Kastle BMX 115 review. Tempted to give these skis a try?


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