Jones Flagship Snowboard Review

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Jones Flagship Snowboard


If you like speed, like a bit of aggression and want a board that charges down the slopes, then the Jones Flagship Snowboard might just be your new best friend.

With a super responsive and lightweight build, this board will be most rewarding to advanced skiers that like to be pushed.

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Even snowboarders at advanced or expert levels can experience difficulty sorting through the variety of boards on the market. That’s why we’re here – to comb through the good and the bad, and present you with the most accurate run-down of your favorite contenders.

Today, we’re evaluating the Jones Flagship Snowboard. Based on tester feedback, it’s stable, excellent at reaching high speeds, and is also very lightweight.

jones flagship reivew

With that said, not every rider had a good experience on the Flagship. Some users found it ill-suited for jibbing or riding on switch, while others noted it preformed less-than-stellar for beginners.

Nevertheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Jones Flagship Snowboard.

Jones Flagship Snowboard: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Profile: Rocker/Camber Profile.
  • Shape: Tapered Directional.
  • Flex: Stiff.
  • Construction: Sandwich.
  • Core: Full wood core.
  • Available Lengths: 154, 158, 159W, 161,162, 164, 165W, 166, 169W, 172 cm.
  • Type: Freeride.



The profile of the Jones Flagship Snowboard is a rocker/camber. As such, it has a pronounced rocker at the tip, with a slightly condensed rocker at the tail.

The camber comes into play between the bindings. The rockered tip ensures the board floats over snow and is easier to maneuver, while the camber provides solid edge hold and an enhanced, responsive nature.

The rockered tail gives the board both power and stability and makes for improved turns.


The core of the Jones Flagship Snow is a triple-density wood. This core also encapsulates bamboo stringers, which make the board extra poppy and very durable. There’s no need to buy a new board every season!

One type of wood inside the core is paulownia – and because this is extremely lightweight, the board is overall lighter as a result. You certainly won’t feel weighed down while traveling along the slopes.


The base of the Flagship snowboard is a Sintered 9900, made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene and carbon. Sound fancy enough?

Overall, this contributes to the board’s extremely fast nature – so speed demons can rejoice!

As a bonus, that composition ensures this model is far easier to repair, should there be an issue with a crack or break.


The edges on the Flagship are called Traction Tech 2.0. As such, they provide a great deal of traction and ensure you’ll never slip or wipe out when maneuvering and turning through all different kinds of snow.

The Traction Tech equips the edges with a serrated knife-like feel, ensuring they can slice and grab even the iciest of terrain.

This technology is spread across the length of the board, so it’s located exactly where it performs best. The edges of every Jones snowboard are composed of oversized, recycled steel edges, so as to guarantee durability and help the environment.


The shape of this snowboard is a tapered directional – but it also has a progressive sidecut and a blunt nose.

The sidecut at the far ends gradually increases as the edges reach their contact points. This allows for easier turning and fewer shocks when initiating or exiting a turn.

The blunt nose enables the board to float far easier – and when you are riding on powder, this is definitely an asset.


The Jones Flagship Snowboard also features Recycled ABS Sidewalls.

While ABS plastic is used in a number of different boards, Jones utilizes recycled plastic to improve the sustainability of their manufacturing process.

In practice, these sidewalls guarantee stability and enhance maneuverability.

best all mountain snowboard

Jones Flagship Snowboard Review

The Positives


Almost every tester noted how stable this Jones snowboard is. There’s no worry of becoming wobbly or insecure during the ride.

Its features and construction ensure that you will feel strong and powerful while sailing down the mountain.

In particular, the sidewalls, the profile, and the base are all designed to create maximum stability for the best ride possible.

Users found that it stayed afloat, smooth, and stable without the rider having to push the board too hard. And when it comes to less than ideal conditions, you won’t have to worry about it buckling under the pressure.


For those who enjoy tricks or surpassing their best personal speed, you’ll be happy to know the Flagship is extremely lightweight.

The wood core primarily contributes to this asset. There’s no danger of feeling weighed down, which better enables you to maneuver, perform jumps, or stop on a dime.

No one wants to be limited in their hang time, so this model works to your advantage.

Lightweight boards also make it easier on your legs, feet, and arms. Carrying around a heavy snowboard in your hands or on your feet for long periods of time can prove to be more daunting on your body.

A lighter board ensures you can stay out on the snow longer, and give your feet a break.


Snowboarders also found the Flagship to be very damp. Vibrations and chatter are highly reduced, even when you ride on rough terrain.

This will allow you to remain on the slopes longer since your legs and knees won’t feel the abuse of a long and exciting day out on the snow.

The main contributor to this dampness is the flax fibres, which are used throughout the topsheet. No matter your speed, these will help lessen the blow of the ride on your body.


Who wants to buy a new board each season? Luckily, the Jones Flagship Snowboard is very durable – all thanks to its wood core, edges, and base.

You won’t have to worry about any bumps or jumps that may come this board’s way. It’s ready to tackle them without falling apart.

It’s designed to bounce back from hard rides and, should the worse happen, it can be more easily repaired.

Whether you are going through the softest powder or the iciest, roughest terrain, the Flagship will stand up to the abuse and be ready to go the next time you fly across the snow.


Attention, speed demons! According to testers, you’ll be able to reach top speeds on this board without feeling the associated vibrations or chatter.

You can fly past your friends and still enjoy a smooth, effortless ride. And don’t worry about instability either; the Flagship will keep you secure without limiting your pace.

This means your board will give you that extra confidence to beat your friends past the finish line. You’ll be able to zoom down the slopes and enjoy the ride without worry.

Great with Turns

Thanks to this board’s ability to remain stable and smooth in a variety of conditions, it also means that it’s great at handling turns.

The rocker tail aids in making this board more responsive and users found it great to ride between trees.

A number of users pointed out that this board is great at going straight and fast, making it a good board to carve out big lines.

A responsive board is also great at building up confidence on the slopes, allowing you to worry less. You’ll be able to charge down the slopes knowing that your board won’t let you down (or guide you into a collision).

This board’s responsiveness is one of the major highlights from many testers, praising it for doing what you tell it.

Likes Aggressive Riders

A board that’s durable, stable, and likes to move fast sets up a great partner for the more aggressive rider. Many testers pointed out that this board likes to be pushed, regardless of how responsive or smooth it rides.

If you like to charge down the slopes hard and speedy, this board may just be the perfect companion to allow you to do so.

While newer riders might be intimidated, more experienced riders will be excited at the challenge this board gives. And when ridden with the right amount of energy, this board performs at its best.

jones flagship snowboard review

The Negatives

Not for Beginners

While this Jones snowboard is indeed stable and easy to maneuver, it still requires an advanced degree of skill to reach its full potential.

A beginner or intermediate snowboarder will not have the experience necessary to push this model to its true abilities.

So, if this is your first board or you hope to newly upgrade from an intermediate level, you’ll be disappointed. However, an aggressive rider will find what they’re seeking.

Not for the Park

Sadly, testers reported this board as ill-suited for parks. While it’s great on jumps, as well as on powder or tougher terrains, it is not ideal for other tricks or on groomers.

So if you are riding on-piste, off-piste, or on the mountain, you should be fine – but this is not a board to take to the park.

Not for Switch or Jibbing

The Jones Flagship Snowboard is also less-than-ideal for jibbing or riding on switch. It’s far too stiff to jump, slide, and ride on top of boxes and rails.

Additionally, riders found it ill-suited for riding switch, as it can result in a tumultuous experience. Unless you really know what you’re doing, it’s better to avoid it.

This video shows what the Jones Flagship looks like out in the snow.

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Jones Flagship Snowboard.

With the dampness of the board, the ability to fly down the mountain while maintaining a smooth ride, and the great stability, it’s easy to recommend.

As long as you’re an advanced snowboarder – and avoid parks, riding switch, or jibbing – this will be the ideal board for you.

Where to Buy the Jones Flagship Snowboard

Jones is no newcomer to the snowboard or sporting equipment market. They have a large product line behind them,  boasting a variety of items from snowboards to surfboards.

Jones’ snowboards have received great feedback over the years from both riders and enthusiasts, keeping them in line with other major snowboarding brands.

Thanks to this brand’s success and popularity, you’ll be able to find the Jones Flagship Snowboard worldwide both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check sporting equipment, outdoor, or specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this snowboard on Amazon.

jones flagship review

jones flagship review

That’s the end of our Jones Flagship review. Are you tempted to give this board a try?


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