Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage X 74 Skis Review

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Atomic 2019 Women's Vantage X 74 Skis


If you're just starting out as a skier, chances are, you'll love the Atomic 2019 Women's Vantage Skis. They're stable, durable, and lightweight, leaving you with less to worry about on the snow.

While these skis won't be able to keep up with more advanced skiers, they'll definitely aid in giving beginner skiers the confidence they need on the snow.

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Finding skis that are suitable for beginner to intermediate skiers, but which also perform on different types of terrain, can be more difficult than you’d imagine.

Skilled riders have more options, but for the newbies, it’s always a question of price vs. ability. That’s where the Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage X 74 Skis come in.

atomic 2019 vantage x review

Users have described them as lightweight, great on nearly any terrain, and incredibly damp. With that said, not everyone has such a good experience.

Some testers found the skis had too much flex, while others noted that they only accommodate beginner to intermediate skiers; advanced riders will not be happy with their performance.

Nevertheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage X 74 Skis.

Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage X 74 Skis: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Lengths: 140, 146, 152, 158 cm.
  • Sidecut: 120/74/98 mm at 152 cm in length.
  • Profile: Rocker.
  • Turn Radius: 13.2 m at 152 cm length.
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate.
  • Type: All-mountain.



The Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage X 74 Skis have a rocker profile.

This means the tip of each ski is gently upturned, which delivers great versatility and ensures you’ll have excellent performance no matter the conditions or terrain.


The core of the Vantage X 74 is made of densolite, which is essentially a foam core. This makes the skis very lightweight, agile, and incredibly damp.

There’s no worry of vibrations or chatter getting through the skis as you’re riding.

The foam acts as a kind of shock absorber, which also ensures you have an almost effortless ride when sailing down the mountain.


The shape of the Vantage X 74 is an exo profile. This is a slanted shape with reinforced sides, allowing the swing weight to be far less than other skis.

It also provides some rigidity, so the skis aren’t so flexible that they’ll wobble, and it reduces the number of scratches on the board, giving it a much longer life.

No need to buy skis every season!

women's all mountain ski


These Atomic skis also come with sidewalls to help the rider stay upright and to feel centered.

They use Vantage Extra-Full Sidewalls and help block out any vibrations you may feel from bumps in the snow.

Furthermore, these sidewalls allow you to transmit more power into them, so you can charge through the roughest of snow without instability. The edge grip is improved and your ride is smooth!


The base on the Vantage X 74 is a 7000-series sintered base.

This type of base allows you to go incredibly fast, will stand up to nearly anything, and makes the skis effortless to maintain. As such, there’s no need to clean them after each use.


We’ve mentioned the improved edge grip, thanks to the sidewalls – but these Atomic skis take this a step further.

They boast of Atomic edges, which help to provide enhanced grip on the snow.

Made of hardened steel, they can take a punch and dig in for maximum edge grip, eliminating any concern of wiping out.

Even if you clip them on a rock or take a fall, there’s no danger of these skis being damaged beyond repair. They’re durable even in the iciest of conditions.

Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage X 74 Skis Review

The Positives

Good on Most Terrains

Skiers who used the Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage X 74 Skis found that they worked on nearly any terrain.

No matter if you’re taking on groomers, hard-packed snow, or even ice, the Vantage X 74 will get you through the worst of it.

With the edges, the sidewalls, and the rocker profile, they allow you to charge through heavy terrain while still controlling your ride and stability.

This makes these skis very versatile, perfect for those who want to head out in a variety of conditions without having to switch up their equipment.


As mentioned, users noted how secure these skis are. This can be attributed to the sidewalls, the base, and the edges. They all work in tandem for a smooth ride without wobble.

Since these are designed for beginner and intermediate riders, that’s an especially crucial feature. Nothing will turn off newbies from skiing more than feeling chatter and wobble throughout their ride.

atomic 2019 review

Instead of worrying skiers, the Atomic Vantage X 74s will give those just starting out the confidence they need to hit the snow and keep working and enjoying their hobby.


Based on tester feedback, these skis are also incredibly damp. If you are new to skiing, you may be unfamiliar with the term.

Damp means that, while you’re riding, you don’t feel any bumps or vibrations through the skis. The less vibration you feel, the less strain on your knees and legs.

As such, with less vibration, you can ski for longer. According to users, the Vantage X 74 skis are very damp and will ensure you have a smooth ride, no matter how long you remain on the mountain.

This also ensures for a stable ride, and will aid in giving skiers more confidence in the snow.

Built to Last

When you’re taking your skis into a variety of conditions, you want them to stand up against them. Fortunately, Atomic has made these skis super durable so you can ski without worry of a thing.

Due to its heavy-duty construction which includes steel, these skis will be sure to stand up against any bumps or hits that may happen on or off the slopes.

You don’t have to treat these too delicately since they’re built strong to last. You can be sure you’ll have these skis for many seasons to come. Testers mentioned that they felt the skis were sturdy allowing skiers to ride with less hesitation.


Durable skis are advantageous, but they can also be very heavy. Once you include strong materials such as steel, the weight skyrockets and users are burdened.

Luckily, these Atomic skis utilize their foam core in order to lighten the load.

Usually, skis have a wood or composite core that can increase their weight, but the Vantage X 74 skis are so light, you will barely feel them on your feet.

When your skis are lighter, it’ll be much easier to turn them and have them respond to you, even if you aren’t going super fast.

Lighter skis are not only easier to maneuver, but they’re also easier on your legs and feet. You’ll be able to take a few extra laps in the snow before tiring out with these skis. They’ll also be easier on your body when you have to carry them around.

Easy on Turns

Users appreciated how well these Atomic skies turn. They are nearly effortless to control and maneuver, with very little force needed to produce quality results.

Since beginning skiers often lack enough power to force skis through difficult terrain, a responsive set can make all the difference.

So, whether you are turning to avoid a tree or another skier, these will allow you to do so quickly, all while remaining stable and upright with the edge hold.

atomic 2019 women's vantage ski review


Skiing can be an expensive hobby, and spending a lot of money when you’re just starting out can be very deterring.

Fortunately, these Atomic skis are reasonably priced and are a cheaper option in comparison to other skis in its class.

A number of users commented on the price of these skis, and liked that Atomic didn’t compromise on quality for the price either.

Considering its features, and its construction, skiers will definitely be saving some money and getting great skis out of it in the process. Perfect for beginners and those on a tighter budget.

The Negatives

Not for Advanced Riders

These skis are great for a beginning or intermediate rider, but they aren’t ideal for an advanced user.

Sadly, they’re too basic and lack the strength a more aggressive rider will expect. They’re ill-suited for advanced tricks and will not perform as smoothly.

These are meant to help fresh skiers learn new abilities, but otherwise, they can’t provide the experience more advanced skiers are after.

Too Much Flex

The Vantage X 74 skis are very flexible and, to some users, it was too much.

With skis, you do want a degree of stiffness and rigidity. Snow, especially hard-packed or icy snow, can be very strong and will bend skis that aren’t capable of pushing back against the pressure.

As such, a few testers considered these skis too wobbly for their tastes. This is a matter of preference, but with the foam core, it is easy to understand the risk that excessive flex presents.

Better on Groomers

While these skis perform great on a variety of conditions, some users preferred its performance on groomers instead of off-piste.

Since this is geared towards newer skiers, this won’t be too much of an issue, but if you’re looking to hone your skills outside of groomers, you’ll be a little disappointed with its performance.

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage X 74 Skis.

They’re ideal for a wide range of terrain, they are very damp, great with turns, and, if you are a beginner, they’ll help you develop the skills you need without trouble.

While some users thought their flexible nature was excessive, that may be ideal for a new skier, as too much rigidity may cause them to stumble.

These are definitely not for advanced skiers, who will be disappointed by their low threshold for aggression. However, for anyone else, they provide for a great ride.

Where to Buy the Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage X 74 Skis

Atomic has a wide range of skis and winter sport equipment available, and are no newbies to the market. They have years of experience producing quality equipment for a variety of sporting levels.

Products from this company are sold worldwide and are often recommended by enthusiasts and other winter sports participants.

Thanks to their success and popularity, you’ll be able to find products including the Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage X 74 Skis both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check outdoor, sporting equipment, or specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find these skis on Amazon.

atomic 2019 review

That’s the end of our Atomic 2019 Women’s Vantage Skis review. Tempted to give them a go?



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