Blizzard Bonafide Ski 2018 Review

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Are you in the market for a new pair of skis? Are you ready to get out in the snow and fly down a mountain?

Or maybe you’re going on a vacation soon and are looking forward to skiing at the resort? Whatever your circumstances, the Blizzard Bonafide skis might be the ones for you.

blizzard bonafide review

The Bonafides allow you to turn easily and carve right through hard-packed snow. They also work in all kinds of conditions and are built to be long-lasting.

There doesn’t seem to be a bad thing to say about Blizzard’s Bonafide skis (yay!), but let’s take a closer look and then you can decide whether they are the perfect fit for you.

Blizzard Bonafide Skis: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Lengths: 166, 173, 180, 187 cm
  • Sidecut: 135/98/119 mm (for 180 length)
  • Profile: Camber underfoot with rockered tips and tails
  • Turn Radius: 18m (for the 180 length)
  • Level: Advanced ++
  • Type: All Mountain


Carbon Flipcore

Blizzard’s trademarked Carbon Flipcore technology is placed strategically to increase the stability of your Bonafide skis.

You won’t ever feel wobbly or like you don’t have full control – which both beginners and experts know to be crucial. The carbon fibers on the tip and tail of each ski ensure you have a smooth ride.

The Carbon Flipcore —especially in the skis with the rocker profile— allows for the least vibration possible.

Blizzard even states that the inclusion of “bi-directional carbon fiber in the tip and tail helps stabilize those areas.”

The extra use of carbon fiber is a new addition these skis, making it much easier to carve through snow as well. This is especially helpful when skiing off-piste, or in heavier snow conditions.

You can’t ask for much more than to feel stable and secure when you’re flying down the side of a mountain.


Blizzard also puts their Dura-Tec technology in most of their skis. Its main use is to ensure the skis last as long as possible.

It protects the skis surface, the tips, and the IQ track (which lets you easily slide the binding into the ski).

The Dura-Tec includes aluminum tip protectors, a thick, textured surface, as well as a bigger edge radius.

In combination with a year long warranty, you can be sure that this well help your skis to last through many slopes to come.


The Blizzard Bonafide skis also come with full sidewalls.

While the main purpose of a sidewall is to contain and cover the inner components of the skis, they also make them more stable, give you more control, and ultimately provide you with the best experience possible.

The sidewall does all this by putting pressure on the entire length of the ski, making it just rigid enough so that it moves where and when you want it to.

Layers of Quality 

These skis are made up of important layers that add to the skis almost flawless performance. This includes an anti-shock layer and two layers of Titanal.

The anti-shock layer is pretty self-explanatory – it helps to absorb any bumps and roughness the skis endure, allowing for a much smoother ride.

As for the Titanal layer, this double layer of titanium also adds to its smooth riding ability, while also making these skis more durable, and easy to maneuveur.

Rocker Camber Rocker

The Bonafide skis are designed with a camber in the middle underfoot, and a rocker at the tip and the tail of each ski.

This design will allow you to float on deep soft snow (powder) without any issues. It also allows for you to turn, pivot, and maneuver the skis easily.

The rocker tips and tail also make it easier to slide on rails and do tricks. This design allows skies to feel much more stable as well, giving them the confidence to power through techniques.

This feature is particularly useful if you are going to a ski park, as most park skis are not rockered.

all mountain skis

Blizzard Bonafide Skis Review

The Positives


Our testers specifically mentioned how lightweight these skis are, especially after the 2018 update.

At around 9.5 lbs. per ski, you won’t feel like you’re carrying too much extra weight around while you’re having fun on the snow, and this is also a benefit when you’re transporting them to and from the slope.

Save your energy for the fun, not for lugging around your equipment.


The Bonafide skis are built for all types of conditions. Due to the carbon in the tips and the tails of the skis, you are in for a much smoother ride than others of this category kind can provide.

The carbon also helps with shock absorption, making sure you don’t feel as much vibration and in turn feel stable on your skis. No bumpy ride here!

The rocker profile of the Bonfides also means these are great for hard packed snow (or groomers), but they also float over fresh snow. These skis work in whatever conditions you throw at it.


As stated above, the Bonafide skis come with Blizzard’s Dura-Tec technology. This makes these skis incredibly durable and makes them last much longer than if they didn’t have it.

Who knows? They might last long enough to pass down to your kids!

Not having to buy new skis every season will save you money too. What’s better than that?

Easy Turns

In addition to the lightweight feature, our testers were sure to point out how easily these skis allowed you to turn.

blizzard bonafide skis

The skis were updated for the 2018 version by reducing the angle of the rocker while increasing the sidecut (The difference in millimeters between the ski’s waist, or narrowest part, and the tip and tail, for any beginners reading this), making them user-friendly and not for just experts.

This means the skis are easy to control so you can turn on the drop of a dime.

You can move out of the way of that beginner skier (or that tree) very quickly! And if this means fewer chances of any injury, what more could you want?

Works Well at Any Speed

The Blizzard Bonafide skis also perform great at high speeds. Whether you are zooming past people at the ski resort or passing your buddies on the mountain, these skis will take you wherever you want to go.

If you have to get somewhere quick or you just like the feel of the wind hitting your face as you fly through the snow, you will fall in love with these. But that doesn’t mean you have to go fast to enjoy them.

Our testers noted that because of the updates Blizzard made to the 2018 Bonafides, a skier does not need to go super fast to get the most out of their abilities.

The company has made these skis workable for a wider range of consumers. You can even use these on the bunny slopes! Pretty cool!

Great for the Aggressive Skier 

If you’re the type to ski a little harder and bolder with zeal, you won’t have to worry with the Blizzard Bonafide skis. They’ll be able to handle the pressure.

These skis aren’t meant to be flimsy, even though they’re lightweight, allowing heavier and hardier skiers to give it their all on the slopes.

blizzard bonafide review

The design is already made to be sturdy and long-lasting, and the updates only make these skis more stable.

When you don’t have to worry about your skis bending or collapsing in rougher conditions, you’ll be able to drive your skis down the slopes with confidence.

Adaptable and Great for Learning 

While we do recommend the Blizzard Bonafide Skis for experienced skiers, they’re great for practicing and working your way up to be a more advanced skier.

While previous models needed a bit more drive, the update to these skis makes them much more forgiving. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing control, or being unable to handle them.

They turn with ease thanks to their weight and are adaptable to a variety of seasoned skiers.

You don’t have to be a specific type of skier to be able to use these like we mentioned, they’re versatile and easy to take on different conditions and slopes depending on your needs.

You’ll be able to work your way up to more advanced slopes and parks without trading in your skis or buying a new pair.

The Negatives

Experts Only

While Blizzard did update these to make them more suitable for a wider range of skiers, these skis should still only be used by seasoned skiers or people who ski often.

They need to be handled, and a less advanced skier may not know or be prepared to do that. This isn’t necessarily a negative, it’s more of a warning.

If you are a beginner skier, know that these are not the ski you want to spend your money on (or get hurt on).

If you ski a lot and are an advanced skier, these might be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re new and want to take a step up in the difficulty level, these are a perfect upgrade – but we suggest having a different ‘starter pair.’

The video below gives you a look into how these skis perform out on the snow.

Overall Verdict

Considering just how versatile and maneuverable the Blizzard Bonafide skis are (and the lack of negative reviews), we highly recommend these skis.

While they may not be for the first-time skier, they will work well for anyone who’s been skiing a handful or more times.

As they don’t need speed behind them to make them perform at their best, they are great for the leisurely skier as well as the speed demon.

Now, go forth and ride those slopes!

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Where to Buy the Blizzard Bonafide Skis

Given the ‘track’ record of the Blizzard Bonafide skis and their outstanding performance, these skis have grown in popularity as a solid choice for the experienced skier.

While it’s always best to check your specialty shops or sporting good stores, since they are commonly recommended by experts, it makes them easy to find both in-store and online.

To start your search, check out the following online retailers.

And as usual, you can also find these all mountain skis on Amazon.

best all mountain skis

blizzard bonafide review

That’s all for our Blizzard Bonafide review. Tempted to give them a try/


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