Burton Flight Attendant Review

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Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard

8.7 Awesome

The Burton Flight Attendant really will make you fly, and while it may not be for beginners it has a great edge hold, even at high speeds, and is able to take on a variety of terrain.

If jibbing or boarding on ice is in your future, you may need to keep looking, but for all else, you'll want to give this snowboard a look.

  • Groomer Performance 9.6
  • Powder Performance 9.8
  • Edge Hold 9.2
  • Ease of Use 5.2
  • Construction Quality 9.5
  • User Ratings (38 Votes) 4.5

If you’re looking for a new board to take down the slopes, the Burton Flight Attendant snowboard might just be the final destination of your search.

It stays stable even at high speed, works great when riding on hard-packed snow, and has fantastic edge hold. A number of people have discovered their ideal fit with this board.best all mountain snowboard

But, unfortunately, not everyone has had a good experience. Some users found that it was not good for jibbing and that it only suited more advanced snowboarders.

However, before you make a decision on if the Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard is right for you, let’s take a more in-depth look.

Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Profile: Camber/Rocker Hybrid.
  • Shape: Directional.
  • Flex: Medium-Stiff.
  • Construction: Sandwich.
  • Core: Wood.
  • Available lengths (waist widths): 152 cm. (24.4 in.), 156 cm. (24.8 in.), 159 cm. (25 in.), 159W cm. (26 in.), 162 cm. (25.4 in.), 162W cm. (26.4 in.), 168 cm (26 in.).
  • Type: All-mountain.



The profile on the Flight Attendant is a directional camber. It’s a blend of rocker and camber in the nose of this board that helps with float and allows you to control it more easily.

There is also camber under the backfoot to give you the necessary power and stability, as well as some great pop as you go down the natural features of the mountain.


There are a couple of different components in the core of the Flight Attendant:

FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core: This is a combination of strong and lighter woods to give you just enough pop, strength, and a low-weight board all in one.

Dualzone EGD: The wood grain is located in certain areas along the toe and heel edges of the board, and is perpendicular to the rest of the wood core. This makes for great edge hold and added strength.

Squeezebox: Burton’s patented Squeezebox profile improves pop and the performance of the board overall, by giving you a mix of thicker, more powerful core sections as well as thinner, flexible sections.

This means you get a snappier, more stable, and easier to control board.


Triax Fiberglass: The Flight Attendant also uses Triax fiberglass as a laminate, which increases flexibility as well as responsiveness to your body’s movements.

Carbon I-Beam: There is a lightweight carbon beam (like a backbone) running through the board, providing even more pop and snap when you’re doing tricks, jumping, or just hitting bumps along the slopes.


Sintered WFO Base: Burton infuses a special wax into the pores of the sintered base material to make the Flight Attendant so incredibly durable, allowing it to last you through the entire season, no matter the conditions you face.

Additional Features

Infinite Ride: One of the final features that Burton includes is their exclusive Infinite Ride technology. By overbuilding the board and then breaking it in for you, this provides the best reaction times and durability.

It’s like when you get a pair of shoes that feel perfect right out of the box! Your board will be tailor-fit at the very beginning.

Super Sap Epoxy: Who knew snowboarding could actually reduce your carbon footprint? With the Burton Flight Attendant, it will.

This resin is made with bio-based material that’s much more eco-friendly than other petroleum epoxies. Know that if you decide to go with this board, you’ll be making a greener choice.

best all mountain snowboard

Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard Review

The Positives

Good Pop

A number of testers noted the quality pop in this board, saying it was even great when charging through the snow or when doing ollies.

Whether you’re doing big jumps or small ollies, the Flight Attendant will ensure you’re more stable in the air, that you have better (and smoother) landings, and that you will have the confidence necessary to clear whatever you aim to sail over.

Stable at High Speeds

No matter how fast you want to go, the Flight Attendant will keep you stable on the slopes or on the mountain.

Even when you’re going through hard-packed snow, you don’t have to worry about feeling insecure or wobbly.

This goes for carving too! Quite a few users noted how little chatter they felt even when charging at full speed. Your legs and knees will thank you for the gentler choice!

Good Edge Hold

A number of testers stated how great the edge hold is on the Flight Attendant. Whether you’re in soft, medium, or hard snow, the edge will keep you from skidding or wiping out.

One user noted that it might not work on all conditions (such as ice), but that for most types of terrain, it was perfect.

Floats Really Well

Quite a few users also noted how great this board floats. Even in thicker or older powder, the Flight Attendant floated like a dream.

You won’t have to worry about sinking into even the softest snow, and that is great when you consider this is a slightly heavier board. It’s not an advantage you’ll find on most competitors with this weight!

Easy Turns

When testing the Flight Attendant, users noted it’s great for medium to wide turns and also carving – but sharper, snappier turns will be a little more difficult.

In practice, it may feel like it helps you set up one turn after the next, which is excellent for those reacquainting themselves with the sport or who enjoy smoother warm-ups.

You can’t ask for much more than that!


The Flight Attendant is also great at carving. Users found this to be one of the best directional groomer boards on the market.

It makes all kinds of turns and will let you carve deep into the snow with its tight turn radius.

Good in Most Terrains

You can ride the Flight Attendant on just about every terrain. It will get you through both powder and hardpack with very little effort.

It also works great on groomers, for going in between trees, and is great in the air as well as on backcountry snow.

Some testers said it’s great on bumpy and uneven terrain, so no matter what you encounter, this should be a great choice – making it an ideal jack-of-all-trades board!

This is great for snowboarders who don’t plan on sticking to one trail and don’t want to back down on days where the snow is less than ideal. The Flight Attendant will keep up.

Handles Aggression

This snowboard will keep up with heavier riders and those who like to ride their board aggressively, and with a ton of power.

For a short board, the Flight Attendant stays stable, and you won’t have to worry about it buckling under the pressure. It’s even proven itself good enough for ski patrols!

best all mountain snowboard

Customer Service

Burton is a brand that has your back. Included with the purchase of the Flight Attendant Snowboard is a 3-year warranty covering riders against any manufacturing errors or faults.

Should you find any damages on your board as a result of Burton’s craftsmanship, you’ll simply need to contact Burton or contact your retailer, and they’ll decide whether they need to repair or replace your board.

A company with a warranty in place always shows that they themselves stand behind their product, and a 3-year warranty is longer than what other companies in its class offer.


We’re not saying you should buy a board solely based on looks, but you can’t ignore the gorgeous artwork of LA artist, Jonathan Zawada, printed on this board.

Inspired by the jungle, this board should resonate with your wild and playful side, going hand in hand with the overall construction of the board.

Not only will you perform on the trails with the Burton Flight Attendant, you’ll look good doing it too!

Here’s a video showing how the Burton Flight Attendant handles high speeds on groomers.

The Negatives

Not for Jibbing

However, with perks like that, it’s unsurprising to find a few pitfalls. Multiple testers stated how this board is not good for jibbing in the park.

So, if you want to jib, you should either leave this board at home or perhaps this board isn’t for you at all. It just lacks the best shape and profile for the job.

Not for Beginners

This is more of a heads-up than a real negative, but the Flight Attendant is not for beginners.

Experience does play a role in using this board to its full potential, and knowledge of maneuvering in more difficult circumstances will be needed to avoid disappointment – or even accidents.

It’s a demanding board that will handle well under a strong hand (or feet, for that matter), but newbies will be overwhelmed or weighed down.

It’s wise to start with a different board and then upgrade to this one as you go.

Not Ideal in Icy Conditions

While this board performs great in a variety of terrain and snow conditions, ice isn’t one of them.

In hard or icy snow, it tends to lose its edge, making for a less stable ride, and a disappointing one altogether.

If you don’t plan on being out in icy conditions, no need to fret, but those really looking for an all-around board for every condition, this one falls a little short.

Overall Verdict

After looking over the positives and the negatives, we do recommend the Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard.

As long as you are not looking to jib and you’re not a beginner, this board should work perfectly for you.

With its ability to ride at high speeds, float in even the deepest of powder, and turn like a dream, there aren’t many negative things to say about the Flight Attendant.

Where to Buy the Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard

Burton is a brand seen time and time again on the racks of sporting stores, and even on the shirts of sports enthusiasts.

They’ve been a trusted brand for decades, dominating the market with their quality products like the Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard.

Given their success, it’s no surprise this board can be found both in-store and online.

While it’s always best to check sporting good stores and specialty shops, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

But of course, you can also find this snowboard on Amazon.

burton flight attendant review

burton flight attendant review

That’s it for our Burton Flight Attendant review. Would you give this board a try?


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