Burton Free Thinker 2018 Review

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Burton Free Thinker Snowboard

7.7 Great

Calling all aggressive riders who really want to push their board. The Burton Free Thinker Snowboard won't back down from the pressure.

Best saved for heavier or more advanced snowboarders, the Free Thinker performs exceptionally on groomers, but when you really push it, that's when the fun begins.

  • Groomer Performance 9.8
  • Powder Performance 6.5
  • Edge Hold 8.8
  • Ease of Use 4.6
  • Construction Quality 8.7
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 7.2

Are you in the market for a new snowboard to fly down the slopes? If so, the Burton Free Thinker Snowboard might just be the one for you!

It’s great at high speeds, great for jumps, and works on most types of terrain. However, not everyone has fallen in love with this board.

Burton Free Thinker Snowboard 2018

Some users thought it was slow when turning, not great at floating on powder, and that it was quite heavy and stiff.

But before you make the decision about whether this board is right for you, let’s take a closer look at the Burton Free Thinker Snowboard and all it has to offer.

Burton Free Thinker Snowboard: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Profile: Camber.
  • Shape: Twin.
  • Flex: Medium.
  • Construction: Sandwich.
  • Core: FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core, Dualzone EGD.
  • Available lengths (waist widths): 150 cm. (24.6 in.), 154 cm. (24.8 in.), 157 cm. (25.2 in.), 157W cm. (26 in.), 160 cm. (25.5 in.), 160W cm (26.3 in.).
  • Type: All-mountain.


Camber Rocker

When a profile is called PurePop Camber, you know it’s going to deliver a great deal of pop to your experience.

The camber will also ensure you can make powerful turns, that the weight is distributed evenly over the whole board, and that you have edge control from the tip to the tail.


The symmetrical twin shape makes for a balanced ride that is also versatile enough to jib, spin, stomp, butter, or whatever you want to do with this board.

The shape also makes the Free Thinker quite stable, so you won’t feel insecure on the slopes.

The Free Thinker also has Burton’s patented Pro-Tip. Translation? The board has a tapered tip and a tail thickness that reduces swing weight, so you can easily move through whatever terrain you’re riding on.


The core of the Free Thinker Snowboard is made of a couple of different materials:

FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core: A mix of stronger and lighter woods gives the board more pop, great strength, and makes it quite lightweight.

You won’t ever feel like you have something on your feet that is weighing you down.

Dualzone EGD: The wood grain of the core is positioned along the toe and heel edges of the board, but in two different zones that are perpendicular to the rest of the wood core.

This gives the board extra strength, as well as a greater and more consistent edge hold.

Squeezebox: Burton’s Squeezebox profile increases the pop and overall performance of the Free Thinker board.

The Squeezebox profile balances the thicker core sections with the thinner, more flexible portions, making the board more stable and easier to control.


Carbon Highlights: The carbon improves each layer of the fiberglass so it’s even stronger than without it.

There is also a carbon layer from tip to tail of the board, and this helps reduce the weight while improving maneuverability.

Additionally, there’s a 60-degree fiber angle that enhances your control and the ability to have an aggressive ride – if that’s what you’re seeking.


Sintered WFO Base: Burton infuses a special wax into the pores of the sintered material, and this makes the base of the board extra durable, allowing it to work in most conditions throughout all seasons.


Frostbite Edges: Burton’s Frostbite Edges extend slightly beneath your binding, so you have the most edge hold possible, even if you are in super icy conditions.

These edges also make the board powerful when you need it and more playful when you want that too.

Additional Features

Infinite Ride: Burton’s trademarked Infinite Ride technology ensures you have the ultimate pop and strength in the board.

Burton overbuilds its product and then puts it into a machine that breaks the board in for you, creating a customized feel without additional work.

What does that mean in practice? It will feel just as good on the first day of the season as it will on the last.

Super Sap Epoxy: This epoxy is a resin made with “bio-based materials” that allows Burton to reduce their carbon footprint by 50%.

This means less oil consumption when they are not using a petroleum-based epoxy.

Burton Free Thinker Snowboard 2018

Burton Free Thinker Snowboard Review

The Positives

Good on Jumps

Burton’s Free Thinker Snowboard is great for when you want to do jumps.

Multiple testers stated how easy it was to catch hang time with this board, especially if you are more familiar with riding camber. If you’re not, it is worth learning for this board alone.

The Free Thinker packs pop and snap, as well as just enough flex to allow your board to soar without worry. Small or big jumps can be executed well, and the landings will be just as smooth.

Expect to have a ton of fun on this board!


If you’re a speed demon, this is the board for you! You’ll be able to fly down the mountain in seconds, and don’t have to worry about being unstable either.

This board doesn’t wobble or rock even at the highest of speeds, meaning the Free Thinker really shines (at a swift pace versus when it’s going slow) due to its flex and camber profile.

If you like to ride fast and hard without losing confidence, this board will have your back.


The board is quite stiff and has some good spring to it, so it works great for carving in the snow, especially on groomers.

The camber of the board makes for an amazing carve-effect, in fact, allowing you to draw deep lines in your wake!

Perfect for Aggressive Riders

This snowboard is made to be ridden hard and responds best to aggressive snowboarders who really want to push their board.

This makes it a good pick for heavier riders too! Once you get it going, the fun really starts. Give it some power and it plays extremely well with tricks, ollies, and big jumps.

The Burton Free Thinker is a great match for those trying to perfect their technique and will make you feel like a pro.


While this board may like to be ridden heavy, it’s actually really lightweight! While it demands energy, it doesn’t take it out on your legs.

The Burton Free Thinker’s “Super Fly” core and the carbon highlights in the laminate are just a couple of things aiding in this board’s lightweight make.

Lightweight boards not only make your legs less tired at the end of the day, but it allows your snowboard to have a bit more snap to it which is great for jumps and tricks.


The sintered WFO base makes for a durable board that along with the rest of the Free Thinker’s construction, ensures that this board is able to handle the power you give it without falling apart.

A board that’s made to be ridden with energy and power needs to not only be stable, but reliable too.

Burton also backs you with a 3-year warranty should you find any faults in your board as a result of manufacturing.

If you were to find a defect, you’d simply need to contact Burton or the retailer who sold it to you, and they’ll be able to assist you in the repair or replacement of your board.

Burton is known for working hard to get your board back to you quickly, so should issues arise, know that your Free Thinker Snowboard won’t be out of commission for too long.

Burton Free Thinker Snowboard 2018

The Negatives

Not Great in Powder

Quite a few testers noted how bad this board is in powder.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of effort for the Free Thinker to stay on top of soft snow, so keep this board especially for groomers and for backcountry.

You can try it in powder, but as you get into deeper snow, the nose of the board will not stay on top; it’s just too heavy.

Not for Beginners

The Free Thinker is also not for beginners. This board needs a rider who has a high skill level and who likes to ride aggressively.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re in the park or on the mountain – it’s necessary to take control of the board and that requires experience. If you meet that standard, however, you’re in for a great time!

Not Great on Turns

Unfortunately, the Free Thinker is not great on turns either. It is much better at running straight lines, and if you do try to make some turns with it, it prefers the sharp, aggressive variety.

Once again, you have to be an advanced snowboarder to really control this product as it’s designed to be handled.

Iffy on Stability

The stability of the Free Thinker is also a little iffy. It doesn’t perform well in absorbing bumps or anything you hit on uneven terrain.

Several users found this board to be quite chattery, and that obviously affects how stable it feels for the rider. Your knees will not be happy.

Yes, the board can power through the roughest of terrain, but you’re going to feel it along the way.

Overall Verdict

After going over the positives and negatives of the Burton Free Thinker, we are cautiously recommending it.

While it’s great for jumps, going fast, and carving, the fact that it’s not great on turns and not the most stable is definitely something to worry about.

If you’re an advanced snowboarder who has no problem really pushing or being aggressive with the board, this might be ideal for you. Everyone else might want to look for something different.

Where to Buy the Burton Free Thinker Snowboard 2018

Even if you’re not a snowboarder, chances are, you’ve heard of the Burton brand thanks to their popularity for making quality boards and snowboarding merchandise.

The Burton brand is definitely recognizable, with brand fans worldwide, and snowboard experts and enthusiasts boasting the Burton name.

Chances are, you’ve seen this brand at sporting stores and specialty shops, so it’s no surprise that you can find Burton boards including the Burton Free Thinker Snowboard both in-store and online.

To kick-start your search, check out the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this snowboard on Amazon.

Burton Free Thinker review

That’s it for our Burton Free Thinker review. Tempted to give it a ride?


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