Burton Name Dropper Snowboard Review

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Burton Name Dropper Rated


The Burton Name Dropper is playful, poppy, and flexible, perfect for the rider looking to take their board to the park for tricks, jumps, and snowy fun.

While this board won't play well with beginners, it will give riders a boost of confidence as they tackle new techniques.

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  • Powder Performance
  • Edge Hold
  • Ease of Use
  • Construction Quality
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If you’re in the market for a new snowboard but are experiencing a difficult time choosing among the countless options, then let us shed some light on an appealing choice.

Today we’re checking out the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard. It is great with turns, holds an edge extremely well, and is both stable and lightweight.

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With that said, there have been poor experiences with this snowboard. Some users disliked how it performed on powder, and others warned that it was ill-suited for beginners.

Is that enough to turn us away from this board, or are those exceptions to an otherwise great buy?

Before your make your final decision, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard.

Burton Name Dropper Snowboard: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Profile: PurePop
  • Shape: Twin shape.
  • Flex: Twin flex.
  • Construction: Sandwich.
  • Core: FSC Certified Super Fly 800G Core.
  • Available Lengths: 148, 151, 155, 158 cm.
  • Type: All-mountain and park.


PurePop Camber

The profile on this Burton Name Dropper snowboard is a PurePop Camber.

What does this mean exactly? It’s an update on the traditional camber shape, boasting of a few subtle flat zones that appear just outside of where you secure your feet. This delivers some pop and snap.

The profile also has early rise tip and tail sections, which help with float and spin as you’re riding.

Overall, this new design makes for great turns, playful precision, impressive edge control, and a smooth ride.


The core of this Burton snowboard is an FSC Certified Super Fly 800G Core. That may sound like an excess of lingo, but what it really means is that the snowboard is lightweight and very poppy.

It’s composed of two different kinds of wood (hard and soft), which are “dual” laminated to reduce the weight, but without decreasing the strength of the board or how well it performs.

Twin Shape

The Name Dropper snowboard also has a twin shape, which means it’s completely symmetrical on each side.

This makes for a more balanced experience whether you are riding normally or riding switch.

burton name dropper review

It also doesn’t matter if you’re going to jib, spin, stomp, or butter – the board will maintain its balance and keep stable. No one wants to feel wobbly or insecure!

Laminate and Base

The Name Dropper snowboard is constructed with Triax Fiberglass laminate, making it far more flexible and responsive in contrast to boards which lack this.

You will find it’s far easier to manage, whether you’re riding it light or are really trying to shred.

The base of this Burton snowboard is a sintered base, which makes it very dense and robust. You won’t have to buy a new board every season!

It also absorbs and holds wax to a greater degree, so you won’t have to reapply it with each ride.

While these types of bases do require a bit of maintenance, they also enhance the board’s overall speed and stability.


The edges of the Name Dropper make for consistent edge hold and strength, so you are never wiping out.

Burton also introduced Off-Axis Frostbite Edges that extend slightly beneath the bindings, providing that extra ‘bite’ for incredible edge hold in icy conditions.

This opens up greater avenues for tricks or speeding in rough conditions.


If you’re looking for some flexibility, Burton has designed this board with flex in mind.

They’ve included their off-axis ‘filet-o-flex’ which makes for a softer board without restricting its performance.

This combination is perfect for riders looking for a flexible yet durable board.

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Infinite Ride

Burton specifically includes this feature in most of their boards. Their ‘infinite ride’ feature ensures that your board won’t give up on you after a short time by your side.

They overbuild their boards before having them pre-broken down in the factory, to assist in the board’s consistency and durability.

Environmentally Conscious

Burton uses SuperSap Epoxy, a bio-based resin that is less harmful than full petroleum epoxy.

Using this reduces their carbon footprint by over fifty percent, which in turn, gives you an overall greener board.

Burton Name Dropper Snowboard Review

The Positives

Great for Turns

With the Off-Axis Frostbite Edges and the PurePop Camber, it’s no wonder that this board is excellent on turns, according to several testers.

You will be able to easily weave your way around trees and other snowboarders with very little trouble.

There’s also no worry of wiping out or being unable to control your board, as the edge hold digs in and provides impressive stability. Burton guarantees you can enter and exit turns seamlessly.

Good Edge Grip

Speaking of edge hold, users thought that Name Dropper had superb grip.

The Off-Axis Frostbite edges contribute to this most of all, as they extend beneath the binding and take a bite out of the terrain.

Even when you are riding on ice, you have enough grip to maneuver through the area without just sliding across the surface.

If you’re looking for added control in your ride, this feature delivers.


One trait that nearly everyone mentioned about the Name Dropper is its poppy nature.

Whether you’re doing tricks, jumps, or just riding the slopes, this board is flexible enough to bounce back no matter what you’re doing.

You won’t hit the ground like a brick when doing jumps or feel the vibrations and chatter through the board when you land. This is especially pleasing to more advanced users.

It won’t let you down when you’re ready to tackle rails, remaining flexible when you need it without breaking your confidence.

burton name dropper review


The Burton Name Dropper is also very stable. The camber, twin shape, and the board’s core ensure you have a smooth and balanced ride every time.

There’s no worry of feeling excessive vibrations radiating up your legs, and you won’t feel every bump or dip in the snow either.

When you’re trying to perfect your new tricks, or just enjoy your time on the mountain, it’s important to feel in control and steady.

According to testers, that’s exactly what you’ll find with the Name Dropper.


Due to the construction and the dual-wood core, this board will feel light as air.

Thanks to its minimal weight, you won’t feel limited by the board strapped to your feet, allowing you to glide around the park or – more importantly – catch some great air on jumps.

Lighter boards also mean your feet will feel less heavy (and your body less tired) after a long day out in the snow.

But don’t worry! Just because it’s lightweight, doesn’t mean it’s flimsy.

The laminate, among other features, helps to give it the durability to resist cracks or scrapes while powering through rough terrain.


Consider the construction that’s gone into this board, it’s easy to tell its quite durable, and testers have confirmed that.

Despite it being a thin, flexible board, it’s also designed to stand the test of time against aggressive rides, bumps, and hits.

It’s made to withstand a variety of conditions and terrain, and won’t back down from them either. Burton has also included a three-year warranty to ensure your board stays as promised.

If you encounter any issues as a result of manufacturing, Burton promises to repair or replace your board, leaving with you fewer things to worry about.

burton name dropper review


This board isn’t only poppy, flexible and fun, but thanks to its build, it’s ready to take on all kinds of conditions.

Feel like riding this around the park all day? No problem. Want to take it to the streets instead? It’s all good with this board.

Its stability means you won’t have to worry about moving from the ski resort to your neighbourhood. It makes it easy to switch it up whenever you want to.

Handles Aggression

This board by its nature is a powerhouse, so if you’re into really pushing your board, the Burton Name Dropper will be a fitting companion.

Given its durability and flexibility, it will keep up with those who like to ride with some power, and who aren’t afraid of tackling new terrain and new tricks.

The Negative

Iffy on Powder

While users didn’t mention that the board was particularly awful on powder, they did mention that it was not the best.

The Name Dropper is better suited to groomers or tougher, icy terrain. It can float, but it won’t be the best ride you’ve ever had.

As such, there are too many boards available that are great on powder to use this one unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you tend to stay away from powder most of the time, this can still be the choice for you.

Not for Beginners

A few testers mentioned this board is ill-suited for beginners.

While it is great on turns, stable, and has great edge hold, you will need enough skill and experience to get the most out of its abilities.

If you are at an intermediate skill level or higher, this board will respond well to your commands and allow you to power through with more advanced tricks.

However, if you’re a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed.

Here’s a video showing off the Burton Name Dropper snowboard.

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard.

With its stability, edge hold, its great affinity for turns, and its poppy nature, it’s difficult to find much wrong with this board.

While it is definitely not for beginners and shouldn’t be taken out on powder, in every other scenario, it is definitely a top contender.

If you’re seeking a new board for riding on the mountains or for taking to parks, the Name Dropper may become your new best friend.

Where to Buy the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard

Burton is one of the top names in the snowboarding market for a reason. They’ve proven they’re great at what they do with their quality-made board.

With years of experience in snowboarding, they’ve become a trusted name and a go-to brand for snowboarders and enthusiasts.

Their popularity and success mean Burton products won’t be hard to find. You can find the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard both in-store and online.

While it’s best to check sporting equipment, outdoor, and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this all-mountain snowboard on Amazon.

all mountain snowboard

That’s the end of our Burton Name Dropper review. Curious to give this board a try?


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