Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard Review

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Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard Rated


This award-winning board has many accolades for a reason. With features that make it great for aggressive riders, speedy, and stable, this board is sure to offer up some fun on the slopes.

Geared for more advanced snowboarders, the Capita DOA is a reliable board, ideal for those who like to spend as much time in the air as they do in the snow.

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If you are in the market for a more advanced snowboard, what could be better than something called the Capita “Defenders of Awesome” Snowboard?

Capita brings this fantastically named board to the market, and it may be exactly what you’re looking for to suit your next trip to the slopes. It is stable, will go incredibly fast, and is great with jumps.

capita defender of awesome review

Unfortunately, not everyone has such great experiences with this board. Some riders thought it wasn’t damp enough, that it could be troublesome on turns, and that it didn’t work on all different kinds of terrain.

Nonetheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Capita Defenders of Awesome (DOA) Snowboard.

Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Profile: Hybrid Camber.
  • Shape: Twin.
  • Flex: Medium Stiff.
  • Construction: Sandwich construction.
  • Core: Wood core.
  • Available Lengths: 148, 150, 152, 154, 155W, 156, 158, 158W, 160, 161W.
  • Type: All mountain/Freestyle.


Hybrid Camber

The Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard has a hybrid camber profile. What does that mean? There are different levels of camber across the board to provide greater balance and stability.

Near the tips, there is positive camber where the board starts to tip up; then it moves into zero camber as you get toward the center of the board; and finally, there is positive camber again once you reach the center of the board.


The blended radial sidecut shape means that there is a single radius arc through the middle of the board, along with what Capita is calling a “blend zone” at the contact points where the board meets the ground.

The length of the “blend zones” vary and are specifically tailored to help with certain aspects of riding. This improves the board’s performance and makes for a much smoother ride.


The Defenders of Awesome’s core is made of a combination of lightweight poplar wood and beech wood. This gives the board pop when jumping, as well as increases its power and durability.

You’ll be able to charge down the slopes and without worry of your board cracking or splitting


This Capita board also has Fortress™ Kevlar Bound Sidewalls. Yes, it is the same Kevlar found in bulletproof vests.

It will keep you stable and make the board far easier to command out on the slopes. It also enhances durability, since not much is going to harm bullet-proof sidewalls!


The DOA board also has 360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges, allowing you to cut through even the toughest and iciest of snow.

These edges will keep you stable and upright when turning, and you don’t have to worry about wiping out or sliding off into a nearby tree. The edges will grip the snow and make sure you stay in control.


The topsheet is a mix of (get ready for a mouthful) Multitech™ Level 4 DeepSpace silkscreen + PAM16000 topsheet with a metallic underlay and PLT Topsheet Technology.

The Multitech layers the ink on multiple levels from the top of the board to the bottom and ensures the graphics are incredibly clear.

The PLT technology is exclusive to Capita and works to bond the topsheet to the snowboard, making for a lighter, smoother, and glossier final product.

Capita Defenders of Awesome review


Superdrive Base – Made of high-density polyethylene, this ultra high molecular weight sintered base absorbs more wax and allows you to have longer periods between reapplication sessions. This base also allows the board to be fast and durable.

Titanal Base Inlay – There is also a titanal inlay in the base of each board, making them more durable while remaining as light as possible.


Carbon Fiber Beams – The carbon fiber beams both increase the power of the board and make it far easier to command.

They also contribute to the board’s light weight, so you can have the power without feeling like you have weights on your feet.

Special Blend Fiberglass + Magic Bean™ Resin – This biaxial glass resin increases the strength and durability of the Capita board, while also saving energy in the production of each model.

This means Capita does not have to use harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process, so it’s more eco-friendly.

Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard Review

The Positives


Multiple users noted how stable the Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard is, as it kept them from wobbling or losing balance.

The hybrid camber profile and the sidewalls ensure that you stay upright and never feel insecure when gliding down the slopes.

This predictable board will make it easy to handle a variety of terrain with ease.


Users of the Defenders of Awesome board also mentioned its incredible speeds. If you like to charge down the mountain, speed over the slopes, or fly along a trail, this is the board for you.

Speed demons won’t be disappointed by this board’s performance, and you’ll never have to worry about this board being the reason you slow down.

It also doesn’t compromise stability for speed; you’ll feel as secure while at a fast pace as you do with a slow pace.

Good for Jumps

Many testers noted how great this board is at jumps. It’s poppy and flexible enough due to the wood core, and the overall construction of the board makes it lightweight, so you won’t feel weighed down while making your jump.

Its weight also means that your legs and feet will be less tired towards the end of your day. So if you feel like taking that last ride, this board won’t stop you.

This board won’t have you shying away from big jumps either. Its construction allows it to be forgiving enough until you perfect your lands.

If you enjoy spending time catching air, then you should definitely consider adding this board to your collection.

Great Carver

Our testers enjoyed how great this board is at carving. You’ll be able to get low to the ground and carve sharp lines in the snow with no problem at all!

It’s also fantastic for aggressive turns. Just make sure you’re paying attention; this board needs to be watched due to just how powerful it is.

men's all mountain snowboard

Handles Aggression

On that note, this board should not be looked over if you’re an aggressive rider who likes to drive your board hard.

Its flex and stability mean this board will handle whatever pressure you put it under without backing down.

Even though this board is lightweight, its hardy and durable, made to stand up against heavier riders who really push their boards.

For this reason, this board won’t disappoint more advanced snowboarders, and beginners should make sure they’ve had some time on the snow before taking the Capita DOA as their new trusty companion.


Capita knows that winter sporting gear can be extremely costly, and tries to make their products more accessible for their customers. It shows in the price of the Capita Defenders of Awesome.

This reasonably priced board won’t have you reaching into your savings, making this a great option for those on a budget, or those looking for a hardier secondary board.

Don’t let the price fool you though, this board definitely has quality features as we’ve mentioned above.

Capita Snowboards also has a two-year warranty protecting customers against any damages or defects caused by manufacturing. Should these happen, Capita promises to repair or replace your board with no hassle.

With all of the above included, this board is quite the steal.

The Negatives

Not Good on All Terrain

While users did note that this board was okay on powder and uneven terrain, it was not the best that they had ever ridden.

Uneven terrain could make for a bumpier ride than preferred, and because of the profile and shape, this board is not the best for floating on powder.

You must stay attentive when riding on powder, otherwise, you may wipe out or have the nose of the board end up buried in the snow.

Iffy on Turns

This board is adequate on turns, but, again, you have to stay on your game and be willing to put in the effort necessary to make this board perform well – especially if you’re around trees or a lot of obstacles.

It’s great for carving, but for basic turns, you have to know what you’re doing. It will suffer a few errors, but not many.

Not the Dampest

A few testers stated that they felt some chatter and vibration in the board when they were sailing across uneven terrain or when at very high speeds. So, the dampness of the board is definitely not the best.

If you want to be on the slopes all day, this board may not be the one for you, as it will not be as kind to your legs and knees as other boards.

Here’s a video showing more details on the Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard.

Overall Verdict

After going through all the positives and negatives, we recommend the Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard.

While it might work for some riders, there are caveats to watch out for. It’s not good on uneven terrain or powder, and it’s not the best on turns, but the superior design helps with tricks, speed, and you can be certain of its durability.

Where to Buy the Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard

Capita Snowboards have kept up with the market by offering accessible, affordable boards that pack both quality and style. With an arsenal of boards available worldwide, this company shows they’re dedicated to their craft.

Like other Capita boards, the Defenders of Awesome Snowboard has gained attention from enthusiasts and experts, allowing its popularity to grow.

This board, in particular, has exceeded the usual expectations, receiving not only rave reviews but awards for both design and performance including the 2018-2019 Good Wood Snowboard Test for Best Men’s Park Snowboard.

This brand’s success means you’ll have an easy time being able to find items like the Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboards both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check sporting equipment or specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this snowboard on Amazon.

all mountain snowboard

That’s the end of our Capita Defenders of Awesome review. Curious to give this board a try?


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