Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Ti Ski Review

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Fischer Pro Mtn 95 2018


There's a reason these skis are hard to get a hold of. Perfect for the advanced skier, these skis are smooth, lightweight, and ready to take on some power.

While beginners will need to work their way up to these wonders, they're perfect for technical and aggressive skiers, whether on groomers or off-piste.

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  • Powder Performance
  • Edge Hold
  • Ease of Use
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Are you in the market for a set of all mountain skis that will have you flying past your friends on your next ski trip? Or are you an advanced skier looking for some new skis that will stand up to your aggressive style?

The Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Ti Skis might just be the ones for you. They are stiff and do their best work at high speeds. They will take you through the roughest of snow with no problem.

fischer pro mtn review

While there are some complaints about how much these skis need to be driven (no letting go and enjoying the ride with these), if you are an avid and advanced skier, they might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s take a closer at the Pro Mtn 95 skis and then you can decide if these are the ones you’ve been dreaming of.

Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Ti Skis: The Details

In A Nutshell

  • Lengths: 170, 178, 186 cm
  • Sidecut: 137/95/122 mm (for 178 length)
  • Profile: Camber underfoot with rockered tips and tails
  • Turn Radius: 18 m (for 178 length)
  • Level: Advanced – Expert
  • Type: All Mountain


Air Tech Ti

Fischer Pro Mtn 95 skis are built via Fischer’s Air Tec construction process. It allows for the ski to be very lightweight but still makes sure the ski is stable and stiff.

The Air Tec process also includes inserting two layers of Titanal, an aluminum alloy, from the tip to the tail of each ski.

Fischer patterns the Titanal in a way that makes sure the ski is flexible but also stiff enough that you don’t feel insecure while you’re out on the slopes.


The Pro Mtn 95 Ti also includes Fischer’s Razor Shape technology. This features leveled sidewalls which help reduce the weight of each ski.

The shape also ensures these skis will be perfect for any on-trail skiers who want the extra speed.

The sidewalls make it so the ski has less contact with the snow and that equals a smoother, silkier ride down the slopes.

Sandwiched Sidewall

Let’s dig a little deeper into these sidewalls.

The ABS sidewall construction on these skis, add not only to their durability but also gives skiers a more solid, stable and manageable feel, allowing them the confidence to take on a variety of conditions.

The wood core combined with the ABS sidewall allows for more strength in torsion and gives you more of an edge hold.


As with a lot of rockered skis, the Pro Mtn 95 Ti skis are rockered at the tips and tails. This allows for you to turn much easier.

You don’t have to use up all your energy trying to turn and can use it riding the slopes longer instead.

Rockered skis also make skiing on deep, soft snow (a.k.a. powder) much easier. You’ll float over it like a dream. Skiers can also expect to be able to maneuver the Pro Mtn 95 Ti skis quickly and easily.

A rocker allows for the ski to be lighter, so you won’t feel weighed down whether you’re doing jumps, sliding on a rail, or just going down a groomer slope at a resort.

best all mountain skis

Carbon Nose 

The carbon nose on the Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Skis allows the skier to maneuever easier while enhancing stability.


Sintered Base 

This small addition packs a big punch in terms of the performance of these skis. A sintered base allows it to be more durable and excels your skis so you can fly through the snow.

It also helps with the absorption of wax, really allowing you to propel, and extends the overall lifespan on your skis.

Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Ti Skis Review

The Positives

Powerful and Fast

There is no doubt about it; if you like to go hard and fast with your skis, these are the ones for you.

Almost every review for the Pro Mtn 95 skis talks about how they are for the advanced skier due to their power. They are stiff skis and need an aggressive driver to make them work.

They are very much the Lamborghini of their kind. If you are a leisurely skier, these are not the choice for you. They respond well to power, so don’t be afraid to use some strength.

Takes You Anywhere

Once you get these on, they will take you through any and all conditions. They will carve through the hardest packed snow, but also float on powder.

Due to these skis being put together like a sandwich with the carbon-reinforced shell, they will force you through the roughest of slush and snow.

If you feel like going out right after that blizzard (or during it? Hey, you do you!), The Pro Mtn 95 skis will get you through all types of snow conditions.


Despite how powerful and tough these skis are, they are quite lightweight at 9 lbs. per pair.

The materials at the core are poplar and beech wood, two layers of Titanal (an aluminum alloy), carbon at the tips and tails, as well fiberglass laminate.

Despite all those elements, your feet won’t feel like they’ve been dipped in cement.

While skiing can certainly be a workout, that doesn’t mean you should feel like you have weights on your feet. These will allow you to enjoy the slopes and not feel like your legs are going to fall off the next day.

These lightweight skis make maneuvers, turns, and technical moves all the easier.

Quick Turns

Speaking of turns, the Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Ti is also great at making quick, sharp turns while staying stable.

They are excellent carvers and allow you to make that sharp turn on the edge of your ski without wiping out.

If you know what you’re doing (and with these skis, you better), you should have no problem carving through the snow without skidding.

fischer pro mtn 95 review

Whether you are on-trail or not, you won’t have any problem turning or pivoting. No running into anyone (or anything) because your skis are slow to turn.

Hallelujah! For strangers and trees.


The Pro Mtn 95 skis also have a razor shape to them due to the sidewalls of the ski. This helps keep the weight of the ski down but also makes the ski faster (did we mention this ski was fast yet?) on-trail and off.

It also provides a smaller surface arc that has contact with the snow, and that will also help you make quick and easy turns like we mentioned above.

Smooth Rider 

Expect these skis to glide with ease no matter the conditions they’re introduced to.

No matter where you decide to use these skis from mountains to groomers, you can rely on them to flow over snow even in rougher conditions.

These skis are rockered, and in combination with its early rise tail will manage to make maneuvers easy, leveled and forgiving, turning snow into velvet.

Perfect for Technical and Harder Skiers

If you’re more keen on doing technical maneuvers, or tend to be more aggressive when skiing, then the Fischer Pro Mtn 95 skis may just be your new best friends.

They’re light enough to give skiers more control but also strong enough to handle bumps, rails, and heavy maneuvers.

These skis are super responsive, making it easy for advanced skiers to handle more complicated turns, backing you up every step of the way.

Two-Year Limited Warranty

There is no doubt that skis are expensive. So, when you spend a lot of money on something and it isn’t quite right or comes to you broken, it is good to know you have a warranty behind it.

The Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Ti skis come with a two-year limited warranty. If your skis arrive and something is missing, chipped, or structurally wrong, you can get them replaced or get your money back.

RIt’s a worry-free buy in that regard!

fischer pro mtn 95 skis

The Negatives

Advanced Skiers Only

While this isn’t necessarily a negative, it is something you need to be aware of when figuring out whether these are the skis for you.

You need to be able to have authority and control over them, so they don’t control you, and that means they’re not for beginners.

The Pro Mtn 95 skis are not very forgiving with beginners and while they can do a lot of things, they need to be driven to do them.

They’re best for skiers that are willing to be aggressive and ride them hard on the slopes, but don’t take this as a challenge beginners!

Work up to these, don’t start at them. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. It’s okay if you aren’t skiing like an Olympian … yet.

Have Caution When Taking Off-Piste

We’ve mentioned these skis are for skiers who have and use more power than a beginner or leisurely skier. This is especially apparent when you take the Pro Mtn 95 Skis off-piste.

While these skis do ride smooth allowing for an easy glide over most snow, it does lose some of that velvety smoothness when taken off the beaten path.

Far from a dealbreaker, but when using these skis outside of groomers, expect to use more power and effort to help assist them along.

Here’s a video showing a ski test with the Fischer Pro 95 Mtn Ti.

Overall Verdict

Factoring in all the good and the bad, we do recommend the Fischer Pro 95 Mtn skis, but only for advanced skiers.

They need to be handled well and a beginner skier will most likely not know how to work them.

So if you are someone who skis a lot and is willing to steer them where you want to go, these Pro Mtn 95 skis may just be the ones for you. Have fun on the slopes!

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Where to Buy the Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Skis

The only reason it might be hard to find these skis in your usual stores is because they’re prone to being sold out!

The Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Skis have soared in popularity amongst advanced skiers, surpassing performance expectations.

It’s always best to check sporting stores and specialty shops, and chances are, if they’re in stock, you’ll be able to find these both in-store and online.

Check out the following online retailers to start your search.

And of course, you can always find it on Amazon.

fischer pro mtn 95 skis

That’s all for our review on the Fischer Pro Mtn 95 Skis. Curious to give them a try?


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