Gnu Space Case Snowboard Review

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Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Rated

7.9 Great

The Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Snowboard is both flexible and versatile, geared towards a variety of riders of different levels.

While very aggressive snowboarders should take caution, and cosmetic issues may arise, this is a snowboard that definitely gives a fun ride.

  • Groomer Performance 7.5
  • Powder Performance 7.5
  • Edge Hold 8.9
  • Ease of Use 7.8
  • Construction Quality 7.6
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 9.3

Whether you’re at a park, a resort, or off-trail hitting the slopes, you want a snowboard that can maneuver through every kind of terrain.

The Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Snowboard claims to be just that. It’s good on uneven ground, works best at high speeds, and provides the rider with great control and stability.

best all mountain snowboard

Nonetheless, not everyone who’s tried this snowboard has fallen in love with it. Some found that the top laminate chips and comes off and that the board is iffy on powder.

But before you decide whether the Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Snowboard is for you, let’s take a more in-depth look.

Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Snowboard: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Profile: Hybrid rocker-camber.
  • Shape:  Asymmetrical twin.
  • Flex: Medium.
  • Construction: Sandwich.
  • Core: Wood.
  • Available Lengths (Waist Widths): 147 cm. (24.7 in.), 150 cm. (25 in.), 153 cm. (25.1 in.), 156 cm. (25.5 in.), 159 cm. (25.5 in.).
  • Type: All-mountain.


Hybrid Rocker-Camber

The profile of the Space Case snowboard is a hybrid rocker-camber. The rocker is placed between your feet with the camber on either side of it.

This makes the board great for freestyle riders! The rocker also makes this a great carving board and lends itself best to an aggressive rider. It’s quite floaty when riding on powder!

Asymmetrical Twin Shape

Boasting of an asymmetrical twin shape, it works best with how asymmetric the human body can be.

This means it’s easier to balance on, turn, and allows you to ride for longer without growing tired.

Additionally, it improves response times when you’re going down the slopes heel-side, and creates more edge hold.

All in all, it works with your body movements rather than against them.


The core of the Space Case is a combination of Aspen, Colombian Gold, and Paulownia wood alloy.

All of these woods help improve balance, lighten its weight, strengthen it, and also provide great pop when doing jumps, tricks, and when riding down the slopes.


The laminates used in the Gnu Space Case include both Tri-Ax and Bi-Ax, which are a combination of glass and fiber to reinforce the board, making it strong as well as fast.

They also ensure you have this board for more than one season, and give it plenty of that pop most riders are seeking.

Gnu space case snowboard review

These laminates also make the board waterproof, which is definitely important when dealing with snow.


This board also has UHMW sidewalls. What does this acronym mean? Ultra-High Molecular Weight.

They’re made of soy-based elastomer and are laminated multiple times to ensure you get through just about anything!


Magne-Traction edges ensure you have maximum edge hold, and the Space Case has seven strategically located serrated edges to guarantee you have strong contact with the snow no matter what terrain you’re on.

Think about a knife going through ice; that’s how these edges will work to grab onto the snow.


The base of the Space Case board is sintered and made without any toxic chemicals or solvents.

This means it will hold wax better than most, so you should still wax the board regularly, but you won’t have to keep reapplying as often.

This base also ensures the board is easy to ride, fast, and tough enough to handle whatever you throw at it.


The topsheet is made of an eco-sublimated polyester (different than your pants) and is created through a process called Co-Ex PBT.

It is a water-based graphic process that doesn’t use any toxic substances but still allows the board to look amazing while being durable and environmentally-friendly.

You may have also noticed Forest Bailey in the title of the board. He created the graphics that cover the Space Case board, making him not just a snowboarder, but an artist as well.


You also get a one-year warranty when you purchase the Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Snowboard.

This warranty is in place to protect against any errors in manufacturing or craftsmanship.

So, if anything is wrong with the materials the board is made out of, or any problems happen due to a defect by the manufacturer, you can get a refund or have your board exchanged for a new one.

Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Snowboard Review

The Positives


The Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Snowboard may be one of the most versatile boards on the market. It works on most conditions you’ll find on the mountain and is great for jumps or tricks.

Whether you’re on trail or off on some mountain in the middle of nowhere, the Space Case will work with you.

It will float on powder, butter on hardpacked snow, and be stable and responsive even at high speeds.

It also has great edge hold and balance. While this is an all-mountain board, it is great as a freestyle board too.

Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case review


Boasting of medium to firm flexibility, it’s a great choice for all kinds of riders.

Since the board is firm but still flexible, even larger and/or more aggressive riders will feel supported and in control.

This also makes it a great board for beginner boarders (though not for those just starting out) to practice their skills, while more experienced riders will enjoy the pop and fun this snowboard can bring.

Great at High Speeds

Users also felt this board was great at high speeds. You feel minimal chatter, so you won’t have to worry about bouncing or feeling the vibration of the board on the snow (especially if it’s uneven).

The sintered base is the part of the board that makes high speeds possible. Speed demons rejoice!

Easy Turns

The Space Case makes for easy turns. It focuses most of the pressure between your feet, and a medium amount of pressure on the tip and tail.

This makes going in and out of turns much simpler than other boards. The Space Case allows you to have full control, so you’ll be able to turn on a dime, and miss that tree or person just ahead.

Additionally, the asymmetric tip and tail shape means the board will respond quickly to your body’s movements, whether you’re turning, carving, or just gliding down some slopes.

Stable and Durable

The asymmetrical twin shape of the Space Case also makes this board extra stable. You’ll never feel wobbly or insecure on the slopes, no matter the terrain. You can ride with confidence!

The camber on the board improves stability as well, especially underfoot. If you have the skills, you’ll never have to worry about wiping out.

The overall construction of this board, especially the topsheet, allows it to be a long-lasting board, performing for trails and slopes to come. The UHMW Sidewalls also lends its assistance by giving an extra boost to this board’s durability.

If you’re looking for a board to grow with, the Gnu Space Case Snowboard makes that an easy task.

Edge Hold

The great edge hold is due in a large part to the Magne-Traction. The seven serrated edges will cut through any type of snow or ice.

This makes it easy to still take your board for a ride when facing less than ideal snowboarding conditions.

Even if one or two of your edges slip, there are five other ones to ensure you don’t skid on the snow.

Handmade in the USA

Not only does this board come in a pretty sweet design, designed by Forest Bailey himself, but these boards are all handmade in the United States with eco-friendly material.

This makes the company a little more accessible than those in Europe or Asia, and getting in contact with customer service (especially if you need to use your warranty) will be all the easier.

best all mountain snowboard

The Negatives

Iffy on Powder

While great on powder because it’s lightweight and floats, when compared to some other boards on the market, it’s not the best.

The twin shape does not lend itself to being amazing on powder. If it had more camber, it could work much better on fresh snow.

Less Stable on Groomers

A few users also felt that the board was less stable on groomers.

So, if these are your primary goal in a trip, be aware that you may not feel the most stable on this board.

Laminate Comes Off

Quite a few users noted that the laminate which covers the board chipped or peeled off after only light use.

While this may not affect how the board performs (it may make it a bit rougher on the snow), it definitely affects the way it looks.

Not for the Overly Aggressive

While this board is durable and is made to be ridden hard, some users found that it does, in fact, have its limits.

Some riders who were looking to hold on to their board while they really lay into it were disappointed in how the Space Case snowboard held up.

While there are already notes about the laminate not lasting, the board also showed signs of cracking when ridden by heavier, aggressive boarders.

If you’re looking to really push your snowboard to the extreme for a long time, you may need to set your sights elsewhere.

Overall Verdict

After going over the pros and the cons, we are cautiously recommending the Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Snowboard.

The edge hold, the easy turns, and the versatility of this board make it great for different riders.

However, because some users had the laminate peel or chip off their boards, we cannot fully recommend it. That being said, it’s a minor cosmetic issue than many can look beyond.

Where to Buy the Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Snowboard

This award-winning snowboard may not be perfect for everyone, but it has definitely caught the attention of many riders and enthusiasts.

The company prides itself on the success of their boards and other sporting equipment as well as being ‘handbuilt since 1977’.

It’s no surprise their boards, including the Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Snowboard are featured in sporting goods and specialty stores both in-store and online.

To kick-start your search, check out the following online retailers.

And of course, this board is also available on Amazon.

best all mountain snowboard

That’s all for our Gnu Space Case Snowboard review. Tempted to give it a try?


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