K2 iKonic 75 Skis Review

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K2 Konic 75 Skis


If you're a beginner to intermediate skier, the K2 Konic 75 Skis should not be ignored. They're super responsive and great with turns so it will be easy to build confidence on the slopes.

While advanced skiers should look for skis that can be ridden more aggressively, this is just what lower levelled skiers need to own the slopes.

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  • Powder Performance
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Are you a beginner or intermediate skier browsing the market for a new pair of skis that were designed just for you?

Or maybe you’re prepared to stop renting and finally own a pair of your own? Then let’s check out the K2 Konic 75 Skis. They’re ideal for beginners, are great for turns and groomers, and are very lightweight.

k2 skis review

Unfortunately, though, not everyone speaks of a great experience with these skis. Some users found that they failed at high speeds or were not suited for the more aggressive rider.

Nonetheless, before you make your final decision on if these are the skis for you, let’s take a closer look at the K2 iKonic 75 Skis.

K2 iKonic 75 Skis: The Details

In A Nutshell

  • Lengths: 149, 156, 163, 170, 177 cm.
  • Sidecut: 115/75/106 mm at 170 cm length.
  • Profile: Catch Free Rocker.
  • Radius: 15 meters at 170 cm length.
  • Level: Beginning to Intermediate.
  • Type: All mountain.


Catch Free Rocker

The Catch Free Rocker profile is specifically made for skiers that are learning to increase their skill level.

The tip and tail are elevated, which help make effortless turns even at low speeds, provide stability throughout the turn, and allow you to release from the turn with ease and control.

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate skier, this profile is ideal for you as well as your ability to grow your skiing repertoire.


The core of the K2 iKonic 75 Skis is made of wood and composite, which amounts to more than one base material.

In this case, the composite is a metal laminate. K2 uses its own patented technology to make the ski lighter in the center for lower mass, as well as to provide greater nimbleness.

After that, it’s made denser around the perimeter, so you have more power and precision at the edges. Just because these skis are for beginners doesn’t mean they are not powerful

The core is then wrapped in a triaxial braid which consists of intertwining fibreglass strands. This helps in the overall flex of the board.


The K2 iKonic 75 skis have cap sidewalls. However, the “cap” may not mean what you think it means.

K2 uses a specialized molding process to envelop the core of each ski, as well as all the internal materials so that it better adheres with the top layer.

This makes the skis far more durable, so they’ll last much longer than just one season. There’s no danger of chipping or scratching the outside, thanks to this capping process.

As an added bonus, the sidewalls also ensure you enjoy greater stability throughout your ride.

k2 konic review

K2 iKonic 75 Skis Review

The Positives

Good for Beginners

Our testers noted several key features and advantages, but above all of them, one was heavily emphasized: these skis are great for beginners.

They are forgiving enough, flexible enough, and fairly easy to control so that a beginner or intermediate skier will be able to glide down the mountain or sail through groomers while learning new skills at the same time.

Also, if you’re sick of renting skis at the park or the resort, these are a great, inexpensive alternative. For a novice with a budget who intends to grow in this sport, it’s a wise investment.

Great at Turns

Nearly all users mentioned how great these skis are at turns.

From starting the turn to making it, to exiting, these skis will smoothly maneuver you around an obstacle (like a tree or another skier) or have you turning down the next leg of the trail effortlessly.

The skis are flexible enough that they require far less elbow grease or body strength, making them one of the best turning skis on the market.

When you’re a beginner, the less effort you have to put in, the more you can practice, and the better you can get.


Because of the composite and wood core, these K2 iKonic 75 Skis are also incredibly lightweight.

You’ll never feel as if there are weights strapped to your feet while you’re trying to maneuver on the slopes or work the moguls.

Speaking of moguls, these skis are extraordinary on them because of their lightweight and flexible nature. The lack of vibrations or strong kick-back as you hit each bump also enhances your performance overall.

As a final bonus, you’ll have less weight to carry back to the resort; it’s the little things that count too!

Good on Groomers

Many testers noted how great these K2 skis are on groomers.

While the curve to the tip and tail do not make them ideal for powder, and their lightweight nature doesn’t make them particularly great at charging, they are ideal for groomers.

As such, when you’re at a groomed park, you’ll be able to work the edge to carve, turn effortlessly, and avoid dealing with too much chatter or vibrations as you ride down the slopes.

Easy to Maneuver

These skis were clearly made to build confidence in new and growing skiers. They’re super responsive so you can count on them being easy to control.

You won’t have to worry about these skis pushing you too hard on the slopes, breaking your confidence and making you work twice as hard before you’re ready.

K2 built these skis with technology to allow them to be more precise, and easier to control so you’re never left shaky.

They’re forgiving so those growing their skills won’t need to fear when they’re out on the slopes. These skis will have your back.


K2 doesn’t require skiers to dig into their savings to have these skis on hand. If you’ve found a hobby in skiing, you’re looking to purchase your own skis in order to save some cash. The iKonic 75 Skis allow you to do just that.

They’re priced at a fraction of the cost of other versatile all-mountain skis and chances are, you’ll be getting bindings to go with.

You won’t have to foot a heavy bill in this sport right off the bat, saving new and intermediate skiers money which can go towards other skiing equipment.

K2 Skis also have a two-year warranty on their skis, protecting skiers against any damages caused by the manufacturer. Should you find a fault, K2 promises to replace or repair your skis which should result in no additional cost to you!

k2 konic 75 review


Thanks to a sturdy construction, you can count on the K2 75 Skis to be hardy against whatever you throw at them. They’re surely durable, making them a great companion for long days out in the snow.

This ups the value on these skis even more since you’ll be paying a low cost for skis that should stick with you through seasons to come.

They’ll stand up against bumps and knicks, so you won’t have to worry about your skis falling apart while practicing your maneuvers.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t push these skis too aggressively, and more advanced skiers should look for skis more up to their speed.

The Negatives

Not for Aggressive Riders

While they serve beginners well, sadly, the iKonic 75 skis are not designed for aggressive or more advanced riders.

This is more of a warning than a real negative, but if you tend to be an aggressive skier or are more skilled, these are not the set for you.

They were built specifically for new and intermediate riders who are still learning. You will get bored easily if you’re an advanced rider.

Furthermore, you may end up pushing the skis too hard and damaging them if you try to get aggressive on the slopes.

Not Great at High Speeds

Along with being less suited to aggressive riders, the iKonic 75 skis are also not designed for high speeds.

They were built to be taken at a leisurely pace, which is something a beginner would welcome wholeheartedly as they develop their new skills.

These skis are not as damp when pushed to high speeds and tend to chatter quite a lot. While you could probably ride them, it will not be an enjoyable experience.

If you prefer to go very fast, very often, there are plenty of other skis on the market.

Not Great on All Terrains

While these iKonic 75 skis are ideal on groomers and moguls, those are the skis’ only preferred terrains.

In fact, they will suffer in most other conditions. They are too flexible and lightweight to really charge into ice, and the profile makes them difficult to use on freshly fallen snow.

So, if you like to primarily ski on groomers and/or like to try your hand at moguls, these are perfect for you. Any other terrain won’t be suited for these skis.

all mountain skis

Overall Verdict

After looking over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the K2 iKonic 75 Skis – but only for beginner and intermediate skiers.

With their flexibility, lightweight, effortless ability to get you through a turn, and how well they operate at slow speeds, these are the perfect set for a beginner or someone who is bordering on intermediate in their skill level.

That said, they don’t lend themselves to a more advanced or aggressive rider. An aggressive rider will just end up bored or with broken skis, and who wants that?

Otherwise, they are a strong set that will last multiple seasons, save you renting costs, and helping you advance into higher skill levels in the sport.

Where to Buy the K2 iKonic 75 Skis

The K2 brand knows where their specialty is and that’s with their skis. While they have an array of winter sporting equipment available, they also have a variety of skis catering to all skill levels and styles.

Starting as a ski business, K2 has had decades in the game and has worked on expanding their company and brand awareness. Their efforts have not been in vain since products like the K2 iKonic 75 Skis are popular amongst skiers and enthusiasts.

Thanks to this company’s success you’ll be able to find items like the K2 iKonic Skis both in-store and online. While it’s usually best to check sporting equipment, outdoor, and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find these skis on Amazon.

K2 Konic review

That’s all for our K2 iKonic review. Curious to give these skis a try?


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