Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 Review

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Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019

8.9 Awesome

These skis are versatile, stable and damp, but they love to be driven by speedy, aggressive skiers, leaving the biggest con; these skis are better left for more advanced users who really know how to ride them.

Backed by a trusted brand and a ton of positive feedback, the Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 Skis will have you zooming comfortably down the slopes.

  • Groomer Performance 9.8
  • Powder Performance 9.8
  • Edge Hold 9.8
  • Ease of Use 5.2
  • Construction Quality 9.8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 9.9

If you’re after a new pair of skis that will ride just as well on powder as on the iciest terrain, the Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 may be exactly what you need.

These skis are stable, sturdy, and provide enough dampness to keep any vibration or chatter at bay – no matter how bumpy the slopes are.

best skis for powder

That being said, not all skiers had a great time with this set. Some users found they were too heavy, were sluggish when taken at lower speeds, and weren’t suited for beginners. Is this the popular opinion or the rare instance?

Before you make your final decision, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 skis.

Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Lengths: 191 cm.
  • Sidecut: 143/115/132 cm.
  • Profile: Rocker/Camber/Rocker.
  • Turn Radius: 21.5 m.
  • Level: Advanced.
  • Type: Powder.


Rocker-Camber Profile

The Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 skis have a Rocker/Camber/Rocker profile. This means that each ski is rockered – or curved up – at the tip and tail.

As such, the space between the tip and the tail is slightly raised, so when you put your weight on it, it lays flat against the snow.

The camber ensures that some part of the ski always has contact with the snow, providing a more stable ride.


The core of the Enforcer Pro 2019 is made of poplar wood, beech wood, and balsa wood, along with two sheets of Titanal.

These different compositions ensure the skis are light but sturdy, while the Titanal reinforces the design. As such, you can charge through the toughest, cruddiest snow and not have any issue with the skis chipping or snapping.

The skis won’t be overly heavy when you’re carrying them around, all without compromising on strength.


The Enforcer Pro 2019 has a sintered graphic base. This means that Nordica takes P-tex pellets and puts them under intense pressure to fuse them together. These pellet sheets are then cut to fit the ski.

A sintered base allows for greater speeds and enhanced durability, so you won’t have to buy a new set each season. The base also allows for better wax absorption, so you can save on maintenance costs.

nordica enforcer pro skis


A couple of different laminates are used on the Enforcer Pro 2019 skis. The first is the Polyamide Top Foil, which makes the skis very scratch-resistant. Your skis will look brand new for much longer than what you’re used to.

Next, there are the Prepreg carbon sheets and a layer of Titanal sheets. The carbon sheets help secure the binding, give the skis some rigidity, and keep them lightweight.

The Titanal sheets give the skis maximum durability and make for a damper build. No vibrations or chatter here!


The Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 also features full ABS sidewalls. ABS sidewalls make the skis a bit stiffer, provide for great edge hold, and ensure that even if you run into a mountain of ice, the set will remain intact.

Durability is the key factor with these Enforcers. The sidewalls also ensure stability even at higher speeds and deliver great pop when jumping or doing tricks.

If you should damage the sidewalls, ones made of ABS are also far easier to repair.

Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 Review

The Positives


Considering their design and build, it’s no wonder that users raved about the stability of these Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 skis.

With the ABS sidewalls and the rocker/camber/rocker profile, you’re sure to enjoy stability on the slopes.

Even at high speeds, you won’t ever feel wobbly or insecure on these skis, allowing you to build and keep your confidence riding on the snow.

The laminates will also provide a smooth ride throughout bumps or mounds resulting in less chatter vibration on your legs.


Those same laminates also ensure you have a damp ride. Similar to a car’s shock absorbers, the laminates absorb any vibrations you may feel through the skis.

Your legs and knees will thank you for this, especially as you perform tricks or take hard landings.

While these skis ride with ease, they’re easy to maneuver as well, responding to turns in a variety of conditions. This also makes it much easier on your body, since you won’t be forced to try to maneuver stiffer, more unresponsive skis.

Expect a ride that makes you feel in tune with your skis while giving you the ability to go speedier and harder when you want to.

Sturdy and Durable

When Nordica made these powder skis, they guaranteed the design would survive much longer than one season. With the Titanal in the laminates and in the core, you can trust that these skis will take a beating (or a ride on cruddy or icy snow).

They’ll continue looking as great as when you started out the day. You don’t have to worry about them snapping or chipping.

best skis for powder

This is great news for all skiers but even better for heavier skiers or those who want to make their way down the slopes with a little aggression. No matter the skier though, you won’t have to worry about any bumps or hits causing your skis to fall apart.

The laminates also make these scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about these skis looking worn either. They’ll look good as new even after a year of trips down the slopes.

Excellent on Powder

If you love to ski on freshly fallen snow or on slopes made of soft powder, you’ll struggle to find a better pair of skis than this.

Due to the rocker/camber/rocker profile, the tips and tail are lifted up, so you don’t have to worry about them nose-diving into the soft snow.

Users also noted that they float like a dream. Even in the lightest snow, they won’t sink. These skis were made for powder!

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Good for Aggressive Skiers

Don’t think that just because they do well in the soft stuff, they can’t take an aggressive skier.

Multiple testers noted that the Enforcers really shine when they’re allowed to charge through rough terrain or let loose at high speeds.

If you are an aggressive skier who has a need for speed, these are the ideal set for you. You’ll practically demolish anything in your path!

Thanks to its sturdy construction, you won’t have to worry about how hard you’re being on these skis either since they’re made to withstand numerous rides against the elements.


You won’t have to stick to one type of trail with these skis; the Enforcer Pro 2019s are great versatile skis for skiers who want to explore it all.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, it can tackle crud and less than ideal snow conditions, but when it really snows and you’re left with a ton of fresh powder, you won’t have to worry about any sinking either – it’ll float above it with ease.

nordica enforcer pro skis

They stay effective, aggressive, and smooth to ride in a variety of conditions making the Nordica Enforcer Pros a top choice for skiers in search of an all mountain set.

The Negatives


While these may be able to float on powder, and their wood core makes them theoretically lightweight, they are a rather heavy set when it comes down to it.

The Titanal core certainly does make them strong, but it also weighs them down. If you are carrying your skis back to the lodge after a long day on the slopes, you will definitely feel the weight.

It’s the compromise you make for having a nearly indestructible pair of skis. If you’re worried about your skis weighing you or your legs down on the slopes, these skis can be less of a fun ride for you.

But if you’re not bothered by weight, or have an easy time lugging a bit of extra weight around, the Titanal construction of these skis will aid you more than bother you.

Not Great at Low Speeds

Additionally – and maybe because of how heavy they are – the Enforcer Pro 2019 skis do not do well at low speeds. They are sluggish and just don’t perform at their full potential when going slow.

So, if you are little more cautious on the snow or just like to take your time, these are not the skis for you. You’ll feel held back. They’re better left for skiers who like to speed down the slopes with some aggression.

best skis for powder

Not for Beginners

These skis are also poorly suited for beginners. They need an aggressive rider who is able to handle them at high speeds.

As such, a beginner simply lacks the appropriate amount of skill to work these skis as they need to be worked.

If you are an advanced or expert skier, go ahead and give these a shot. However, if you’re new and learning, or are out of practice, this set may hold you back and lead to frustration. Build up your skills first – and then you can level up to a tougher pair of skis.

Here’s a video showing more information on the Nordica Enforcer Pro skis and the Enforcer lineup.

Overall Verdict

After combing through all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 skis.

They have great stability and durability and are great on powder or icy terrain. Apart from going slow, there’s little these skis can’t do. Beginner skiers or those who are still newer to the sport should wait until they’ve upped their skills as well.

While they are on the heavy side, their strength more than makes up for this con. Advanced and expert skiers: you need to check these out!

Where to Buy the Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019

Nordica is a brand known worldwide for their sports equipment and athletic accessories. While this company has been around for decades, they’ve kept themselves on top of the market by keeping up with industry trends.

Thanks to this company’s popularity and years of expertise, it won’t be hard to find items like the Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check sporting equipment and outdoors stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find these powder skis on Amazon.

nordica enforcer pro 2019

That’s the end of our Nordica Enforcer Pro 2019 review. Tempted to give these skis a go?


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