Signal Yup Snowboard Review

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Signal Yup Snowboard Rated


The Signal Yup Snowboard packs fun, versatility, durability, and stability all in one package.

Perfect for more advanced boarders, this all-mountain snowboard is the perfect companion for any day.

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If you are in the market for a camber profile snowboard to fit your next trip to the slopes, the Signal Yup Snowboard may be exactly what you need. It is stable, great at turns, and is good on nearly every kind of terrain.

However, not everyone speaks of a great experience with the Yup snowboard. Some riders found that it lacked great edge hold, it had a bit of chatter when riding on uneven terrain, and that it was not the snowboard for beginners.

signal yup review

Nonetheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Signal Yup Snowboard.

Signal Yup Snowboard: The Details

In A Nutshell

  • Profile: Traditional camber.
  • Shape: Directional.
  • Flex: Medium flex.
  • Construction: Sandwich.
  • Core: Wood core.
  • Available Lengths: 5, 157.5 cm.
  • Type: All mountain/park.


Traditional Camber

The Signal Yup Snowboard has a traditional camber profile.

What does this mean? The middle of the board is curved up toward where your feet would be placed, and the tip and the tail (or ends) of the board are also slightly curved up.

The rest of the board is flat against the snow to give you traction, as well as a bit of grip.


The base of the Yup is a sintered ultra base. What does this mean for you? It’s made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is modified with additives like Fluoro and Paraffin.

This makes the board faster and more durable. The glass on the base of the board is crafted from triaxial fiberglass and dual carbon stringers. Sound fancy enough?

The fiberglass makes the board more responsive and precise, while the carbon stringer makes the board stiffer and very damp.


The sidewalls on the Yup snowboard are crafted from premium ABS/TPU. The ABS/TPU makes the sidewalls stiff, provide better edge grip, and give the whole board enhanced durability.

When you’re making wide turns, or doing jumps and landing hard on the snow, you want your board to be durable with solid edge grip, so you don’t end up wiping out on the slopes.


The core of the Yup is designed as a mixture of Paulownia and Poplar wood. This makes the board both lightweight and durable.

When you’re going down a mountain or just gliding across the slopes, you don’t want to feel like there are weights on your feet.

The wood core ensures you instead feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

Signal Yup Snowboard Review

The Positives


Quite a few users mentioned how stable the Yup snowboard is. There’s no worry of feeling wobbly or insecure on this board.

The sidewalls and the camber profile help ensure that even on the most uneven terrain, you feel stable and in control.

Especially when you’re doing jumps, turns, or tricks, you want to be sure of your board’s stability. It could lead to a nasty fall if you aren’t!

A stable board gives riders that extra bit of confidence they need to perfect their skills and dominate the trails without worry of wiping out.

Good Turns

Testers also mentioned how well the Signal Yup Snowboard is at turns. It responds well to your movements and is incredibly precise. When you’re performing a trick, it will keep up with your demands.

Even more importantly, if you’re off-piste and come across a group of trees (or another snowboarder is coming toward you), the Yup board guarantees you can easily turn and avoid disaster, with quick response time and smooth transitions.

With this board you’ll be able to maneuver both hard and softer turns, allowing you to play with both styles.

Especially on uneven terrain, you will be able to dodge and dart around the bumps quickly and effortlessly. A responsive board is key to perfecting manoeuvres both basic and advanced and this board is ready no matter where you take it.

Signal Yup review


The Signal Yup Snowboard is also incredibly fast. The construction of the base with the triaxial glass and the carbon stringers ensure this board will have you flying down the mountain.

You’ll beat your friends to the end of the slopes, whether it’s on powder or a rougher terrain. For those speed demons on the slopes, the Yup snowboard is a perfect choice.


One of the reasons this board is able to handle speed and turns is due to its lightweight design. The construction of this board makes it easy to feel like your flying across the slopes effortlessly.

Lighter boards can also be nicer to your legs and feet, since heavier boards tend to wear down your legs faster, tiring you out a lot sooner than with a lighter board.

Nobody wants to lug a ton of weight with them, and with the Yup Snowboard, there’s no need to grunt.


Users of the Yup snowboard also praise how damp it is. Whether you’re doing jumps or snowboarding through uneven terrain, due to the dampness of this board, you won’t feel every bump and groove in the snow.

Instead, the board guarantees you have a smooth ride, even saving your legs and knees from being rocked around excessively.

As a result, you’ll be able to ride for longer stints of time, since your legs won’t feel the strain of being jostled all day.

Good on Almost Any Terrain

Users experienced a difficult time finding a terrain this board was not great on. Hard-packed, powder, on-piste or off-piste – you won’t have a problem with the Yup.

Its dampness and stability ensure you can go down bumpy or uneven terrain, while the wood core provides the board with a lightweight advantage, so you’ll be able to plow through powder as well.

Whether you are in the park, on a mountain, or just gliding through freshly fallen snow, the Yup will be the perfect board to take with you.

Gives a Fun Ride

If the fact that this board handles speed extremely well wasn’t enough to tip you off about how fun this board is to ride, the way it handles jumps and how it packs a pop will definitely cue you in.

This snowboard is perfect for the rider who wants to do it all. From the trails to the park, to jumps, to pipes, and everything in between, this board is versatile enough to handle it.

It packs a ton of snap, perfect for challenging yourself and it gives you a great amount of playfulness too.


You won’t have to worry about your snowboard cracking under the pressure with the Signal Yup. This board is made to handle a variety of conditions, so it has to stand up to what comes its way.

Users have noted that this board does in fact stand up to all the bumps, jumps, and tricks you want to throw at it.

Signal Snowboards even offers “signal care” with their memberships. This ensures your board is protected against anything and everything.

If you break your board, they’ll replace it for you and even send you a temporary board while they handle arrangements.

Signal Yup review

The Negatives

Not for Beginners

Despite how well this board operates on different terrains and how stable it is, this is not a product for beginners.

You will need a certain degree of skill and precision to work with the board properly, and a beginner just doesn’t have the knowledge required to harness its full potential.

While it’s an easy board to maneuver, the rider should know how to control it, otherwise they may be overwhelmed.

If you’re an intermediate to expert snowboarder, you should have no problem with the Yup. Anything below that level will struggle.

A Little Bit of Chatter

This wasn’t a negative mentioned in the majority of user experiences, but it was brought up a few times.

There were a couple of users who experienced issues with chatter while riding on uneven terrain. The board got quite bouncy in some areas and they could feel the vibration through their feet.

While this was not by any means an all-around issue, we felt it’s worth being aware of. If you do end up buying this snowboard and feel some chatter, you are not the only one.

Iffy Edge Hold

While the edge hold is praised as great by some testers, others found it lacklustre – especially when compared to other boards on the market.

The Yup snowboard does have sidewalls to help keep you stable, but it doesn’t have any specific edge-grip technology that would hold onto the snow when you’re turning or skidding.

This is definitely one of the Yup’s major faults and may be a deal breaker for a lot of people. It’s worth considering the style of tricks you’ll be asking of this board.

Overall Verdict

After looking through all the positives and negatives, we do recommend Signal’s Yup Snowboard, but only to riders that have intermediate or expert skill.

This board needs a rider that has experience under their belt to really make it shine. While it may be stable, fast, damp, and great at turns, it will overwhelm less fluent riders and could result in injury.

Other than that, this is a pretty perfect board. It has a scarce number of faults, and the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Go give Signal’s Yup Snowboard a shot and see how it does on your next trip down the slopes!

Where to Buy the Signal Yup Snowboard

There’s no doubt about it, the Signal Yup Snowboard has been turning heads thanks to its outstanding performance and versatility.

Enthusiasts, retailers and customers have raved about this board, recommending it to boarders who enjoy the features this snowboard brings.

Signal Snowboards is a company known for being innovative and trying new things. Most of their products, for example, come with the option to join their monthly subscription program that gives you complete control over your purchase.

This board may be a popular one, but it will prove hard to find both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check sporting equipment and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search by checking out their website.

Signal Snowboards (from $535)

But of course, you can also find this snowboard on Amazon.

Signal Yup review

That’s all for our Signal Yup Snowboard review. Tempted to give it a ride?


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