Volkl Kendo Skis Review

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Vokl Kendo 2018 skis


Aggressive skiers who love speed will fall head over heels for the Vokl Kendo 2018 skis. Made for advanced to expert skiers, they perform best when pushed hard.

Expect a smooth ride in a variety of conditions and a beautiful construction that's built to last.

  • Groomer Performance
  • Powder Performance
  • Edge Hold
  • Ease of Use
  • Construction Quality
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Sometimes you’re looking for a ski that can take anything you give it. Well, look no further, because the Volkl Kendo Skis 2018 might be just what you’re seeking.

These are not for beginners or even intermediate skiers – instead, they’re designed purely for the most advanced experts.

volkl kendo review

They can go on- and off-trail like a dream, they’re powerful (and you will certainly be able to feel that), and they are very damp, so you won’t experience any vibration as you charge down the slopes.

There are some complaints that you have to be “on” the whole time you are on these skis (no leisurely travel down a slope).

Additional feedback says you have to be aggressive, as well as willing to put in the effort to work these skis.

But let’s take a closer look at the Volkl Kendo Skis, and who knows? They might be the perfect set for you.

Volkl Kendo Skis: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Lengths: 163, 170, 177, 184 cm.
  • Sidecut: 127/90/110 mm (for 177 length).
  • Profile: Camber underfoot with rockered tips and tails.
  • Turn Radius: 8 m (for 177 length).
  • Level: Advanced Intermediate – Expert.
  • Type: All-mountain.



The Volkl Kendo Skis have a rockered tip and tail. What does this ski jargon mean when you actually go out and use them? Simply translated, it will be easier to turn while you’re skiing.

And since the ski is also cambered underfoot, you will be able to hold an edge even in the hardest of snow.

The tip of the ski is also tapered slightly, which will allow it to work in soft, powdery snow as well. You’ll be able to maneuver around easily, but also have great stability.

Additionally, the Kendos have a full sidewall on each ski. This makes the ski super powerful and will let you charge through the slushiest snow on the mountain.

Thanks to the sidewall, there’s very little hard work necessary to really power down the slopes. The sidewalls also make the skis even more durable as well as stable. (What’s better than not falling down? Nothing.)


The Kendo skis are constructed of a full wood core, made of poplar and beech wood, and two sheets of metal making them stiff but still flexible.

These components also make it so you are able to go very fast! The wood core and the metal ensure these skis are super durable. When you’re riding hard and fast through the roughest of snow, there will be no worry of messing up your skis in the process.

Speaking of, what’s the metal included in these skis? It is an aluminum alloy called Titanal. It is a fairly common material used in skis these days, which helps to make the skis damp, meaning you are guaranteed the smoothest ride possible.

You won’t feel every bump you hit as you go down the slopes. The Titanal also gives you the power that will allow you to charge down the mountain.

vokl kendo review

One-Year Warranty

While you always hope for the best when buying something as expensive as skis, they don’t always come to you in the desired quality condition.

Volkl makes sure you’re covered by offering a 1-year warranty which shows they stand behind their product and you’ll be able to purchase with confidence.

If there is something wrong with your skis when they arrive, you have up to a year to return them for a refund, or exchange them for a new pair of skis that don’t have any issues.

Volkl Kendo Skis Review

The Positives


No bumpy rides here! The Volkl Kendo skis are very damp. They are like the Cadillac of their kind.

Just like you won’t feel any potholes or imperfections in the road when you are in a nice car, you are not going to feel any imperfections or bumps in the snow when you’re on these skis.

Since its fully rockered, Its able to absorb shocks so you can enjoy a smooth ride.

This is especially important for skiers who take on more treacherous terrain, where a rocky ride can lead to injury – or at the very least, a ruined experience.

Speaking of absorbent, the sintered bases soak up wax extremely well allowing them to really fly effortlessly over a variety of snow conditions.

Works on Different Terrains

If you have big plans, then don’t worry about your equipment holding you back. The Kendos will work great on most terrains, although they work the best on groomers and off-trail.

Whether you’re at a ski resort or are lucky enough to live near a thrilling slope, these skis will work in both terrains.

This is great for the skier that likes to have best of both worlds with the ability to use their skis in a variety of conditions and for those who want to take advantage of their surroundings by exploring the entire mountain.

Need for Speed

Those who like to zoom down the slopes quicker than the average joe will enjoy these speed loving skis. Once you get the Vokl Kendo 2018 skis going, they really perform.

When they’re up to speed, they handle long radius turns like a dream and you won’t have to worry about them keeping up.

Now you can easily beat your friends down the slopes with plenty of time to spare.

best all mountain skis

Precise, Easy Turns

A lot of users commented on how easy it is to turn with the Kendo skis. Due to their construction, you will be able to turn on a dime and with precision accuracy.

If you need to turn to avoid something or someone (we’ve all wiped out a bystander at least once!), these skis will make sure you dodge whatever obstacle is in your way.

Technical skiers will be able to take advantage of its accuracy and ability to deliver a clean carve.


With the kind of power they offer, it’s important that these skis won’t betray you mid-flight. In other words – beginning to wobble, leading to a fall.

Luckily, their build is not only strong but also steady, ensuring this issue won’t come knocking. Users mentioned how stable they felt on these skis, on-trail or off, fast or slow, no matter how aggressive of a skier you are.

You won’t feel uneasy or shaky on the Volkl Kendos; the materials and construction are to thank for this advantage.


With multiple layers of wood and a couple sheets of the Titanal, not much is going to hurt these skis. The Kendos were made for skiers who want to put them through their paces and really ride them hard.

You won’t have to worry about these chipping, breaking, or letting you down – no matter what kind of harsh conditions you ski them in.

Made for aggressive skiers, they’re super resilient ensuring they’ll not only last a lifetime but will look good as they do so.

Here’s a video showing how the Vokl Kendo skis perform on the slopes.

The Negatives

Need to be Aggressive

This is not so much a negative as it is a warning. You must be an aggressive skier to ride these. The Kendos want to be pushed hard, and they will buck you like a horse if you start to ease off on them.

These are not for beginners or even intermediate skiers. Every user who reviewed this product made this perfectly clear.

For beginners, it’s better to pick an easier ski than to test-ride these and possibly hurt yourself.

Not Forgiving

And if you didn’t believe us from the section above, we are going to say it again! These are not the most forgiving skis on the market.

The metal parts of their design are the main reason behind this. Their weight and build simply don’t allow for slower going, and once they’re at speed, more inexperienced users won’t be able to apply the pure force necessary to maneuver them.

This could mean running head-long into a tree, a person, or something even more dangerous.


These skis are not for those looking for an easy to maneuver, lightweight ski. Thanks to the metal used in its construction, they lean on the heavier side and heavier skis mean they’ll be harder to control.

Those who aren’t used to maneuvering skis will find that you’ll need to really push yourself to get these skis going where you want them.

The heaviness combined with its stiffness means you’ll really need to give it some power and If you’re not up to the challenge, it may be wise to keep on looking.

vokl kendo 2018 skis

Overall Verdict

After considering the positives and the negatives of the Volkl Kendo skis, we highly recommend them to advanced skiers.

The fact that they are damp, stable, easy to turn, and work on different kinds of terrain is a huge plus that will serve the experts well.

If you are taking on harder slopes in extreme conditions, then they will certainly endure it with you. Considering the warranty, and how long these last, it’s a purchase that brings peace of mind.

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Where to Buy the Volkl Kendo Skis

Volkl has been putting forward quality skis for decades and the Volkl Kendo Skis are just an example. These skis are an expert’s dream, recommended by ski enthusiasts across the board.

This is no strange territory for Vokl, they have a number of awards under their belt and have become a favorite brand to a large number of skiers around the globe.

Thanks to the popularity of the brand and the enthusiasm about these skis, it won’t be hard to find the Volkl Kendo Skis both in-store and online.

Note that these skis are often sold out, so its best to shop early.

To start your search, check out the following online retailers.

And of course, these skis are also available on Amazon.

volkl kendo review

That’s all for our Vokl Kendo review. Are you tempted to give these skis a try?


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