DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 Review

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DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 Ski


The DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 skis are playful, easy to maneuver, and might just be the best skis for powder.

Better off for intermediate to expert skiers, you're sure to have some fun cruising through a variety of conditions with these skis.

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If you are an advanced sportsman looking for a pair of skis that will hold up to just about anything, in nearly any terrain, it’s worth checking out the DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 skis.

They are very damp, quite stable, and extremely playful, making them a popular choice.  They’re one of our top choices in the contender for best powder skis.

That being said, they’re not perfect.

dps lotus review

Some found the DPS Alchemist to be far more expensive than necessary, while others warned that they’re not for beginners.

Nevertheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a more in-depth look at the DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 skis.

DPS Alchemist Lotus 124: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Lengths: 178, 185, 191 cm.
  • Sidecut: 149/124/136 mm at 185 cm length.
  • Profile: Rocker/Camber/Rocker.
  • Turn Radius: 23 meters.
  • Level: Advanced to Expert.
  • Type: Powder.



The DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 has a rocker/camber/rocker profile. This means the tip and tail of each ski is curved up, while the middle is flat to create maximum contact with the snow.

This profile combines accuracy with comfort. The rocker ensures you have a smooth ride, while the camber gives you the precision you need when skiing through obstacles.

Whether you are carving, jumping, or doing tricks, this design will give you a sublime experience.


The DPS Alchemist skis also have UHMW sidewalls, which stands for ultra high molecular weight.

They are incredibly durable as a result, ensuring you can carve or charge into ice without risking severe damage to your set.

This design also provides fantastic edge hold, so there’s no worry of sliding or wiping out with these sidewalls.


Speaking of, the edges on the DPS Alchemist are a wide profile Rockwell 48 c steel edge. Sound complicated enough?

These allow you to cut through nearly any terrain – from the softest powder to the cruddiest, hardest ice.

These edges will also grab the snow and provide stability in rougher conditions. No slipping and sliding here!


The core of each DPS Alchemist Lotus ski is made of Aspen wood. As such, these skis are both lightweight and sturdy.

While durability is great, no one wants to lug or wear heavy skis up and down the slopes, especially after a long day.

That’s why the Aspen wood is incorporated to reduce the overall weight, ensuring you have a stable ride without excess load.


These skis also feature the Alchemist Pure Carbon laminate in their construction.

When building these skis, DPS incorporated carbon fiber laminate into each, as well as patented dampening additives to ensure you have the smoothest ride possible.

No one wants to feel every bump and dip in the snow. The laminate is a key ingredient to ensure your legs and knees aren’t killing you by the end of the day.

best skis for powder

DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 Review

The Positives


Many testers appreciated the dampness of these DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 skies.

That’s mainly due to the laminates, with their patented Alchemist dampening additives, which operate like the shock absorbers on your car.

The more shock that’s absorbed, the smoother the ride. The damper a ski is, the fewer bumps you’ll feel. With these, no matter the terrain, you won’t feel vibrations ricocheting up your legs in uneven or cruddy conditions.

When compared to other skis on the market, testers found these to be some of the dampest available.


Users also found this design extremely stable. The UHMW sidewalls and the Aspen wood core contribute to this feature, as the sidewalls prevent skidding and ensure maximum contact with the terrain.

Likewise, the wood core increases dampness and ensures you can focus on steering, rather than being shaken to death.

Since the sidewalls also improve edge hold, they boost your stability even as you carve down the side of a mountain. The more stable skis are, the more confident skiers will feel out on the slopes. This makes them particularly well suited to skiing in powder.

You can expect a smooth, stable ride with the DPS Lotus skis, so you can work on perfecting your skills without worry.

Good on Most Terrain

The best skis can be used on most terrain, ensuring you aren’t limited to just powder, groomers, or hard-packed snow.

You can ski anywhere. That’s what makes the DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 so great for numerous testers. These skis are designed to handle most conditions and will resist damage on adverse terrain.

That being said, these skis were really designed for deep snow days. They float effortlessly, and really dig into the deep snow for an excellent ride. There’s no worry of sinking here!

Skis that are great on a variety of terrain means you won’t have to worry too much about snow conditions since these skis can take on all kinds of them!

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of skis that can perform no matter the path, the DPS Alchemist Lotus may be your perfect companions.

Handles Speed with Great Float

Speaking of excellent float, thanks to the shape of these skis and their lightweight build, you are guaranteed optimal float on deep snow and powder.

There’s no worry of sinking and this is one of the features most testers loved about these skis.

These skis will let you glide down the slopes without danger of the tips digging in and becoming stuck. The rocker on the tips and tails ensure that.

When you want to reach high speeds, you can still slide, pivot, and turn with ease, no matter how soft the conditions are. If you’re a speed demon looking to push these skis way past your friends on the slopes, the Lotus won’t let you down.

Testers loved how these skis would float even on super deep powder – they’re basically ready to take on any bit of untouched snow so you can leave your mark with ease.


The playful nature of these skis was often mentioned by testers. The DPS Alchemist set has enough flex and pop to ensure jumps and tricks are simple to execute, without the struggle of dealing with a hard landing or overly stiff skis.

Users reported that they react quickly to your movements, ensuring both accuracy and precision when maneuvering through obstacles.

A responsive set of skis will add additional confidence to the skier since you’ll worry less about collisions when turning. These skis also drift with ease while still giving users a balanced feel.

The rocker/camber/rocker profile, as well as the wood core are the main contributors to this feature, making for a fun, poppy ride.

If you’re an aggressive skier, these skis like to be pushed so they’ll perform great with harder skiers at the wheel.

best powder skis

Lightweight and Durable

Even though these wider skis can tackle a variety of terrain – especially deep snow, they’re actually lightweight. This definitely plays into these skis having an exceptional float and being easy to maneuver.

Not only that, but lighter skis means you’ll be able to spend longer days (or evenings) out on the slopes! Your legs and feet won’t feel as tired as they would with heavier skis, and they’ll be much less of a hassle to transport to and from your outings.

Lightweight skis don’t mean the Alchemist Lotus’ are fragile, they’re dependable and durable, so you can have these skis for many seasons to come.

DPS also promises a warranty on these skis to ensure you have these for the long haul. The warranty covers any damages caused in the manufacturing process, and should you find a fault, the company promises to repair or replace your skis without hassle.

For a company that promises only high-quality items, this is a great note to include on their products.

The Negatives


While skis are by no means inexpensive, the DPS Alchemist set are above and beyond what this equipment type normally costs.

Currently, they’re almost $1,200 on Amazon. When many skis cost around $500, this is definitely far more expensive.

If you can swing it, these certainly appear to handle any task you throw at them on the slopes.  However, if the price tag is too steep for you, there are far more affordable brands on the market that can do similar, if not the same, things as the Alchemist Lotus 124.

No need to empty your bank account for these skis if you don’t need to.

Not for Beginners

While these are certainly great skis, and they can give you an incredible ride just about anywhere, it’s necessary to have advanced skill to make them perform optimally.

You need to be an aggressive skier, or at least have a level of technique that comes from years of experience.

A beginner doesn’t have that, and may be overwhelmed by the effort required to operate this set. It’s better to have skis that fit your skill level, allowing you to enjoy a great time on the slopes.

Otherwise, skis that are beyond your abilities will leave you to struggle the entire time, exhausting and frustrating yourself.

If you are an advanced skier, these are definitely worth a try. If not, it’s wise to seek out other brands made specifically for your experience level and come back to these later.

Here’s a video showing off the DPS Lotus skis.

Overall Verdict

After combing through all the positives and negatives, we highly recommend the DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 skis – but only to advanced and expert skiers.

For these buyers, the set is stable, playful, lightweight, and work on nearly any type of snow. There’s little more you could ask for.

As long as you have the skill and the budget, these may be the best skis you’ve ever owned. Otherwise, it’s smart to continue shopping.

Where to Buy DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 Skis

DPS specializes in ski manufacturing and offers a variety of high-quality equipment and gear for winter sports enthusiasts. They’re known for making the world’s most advanced skis so its no surprise they’re a popular brand.

A trusted brand worldwide, items like the DPS Alchemist Lotus 124 Skis can be found both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check sporting equipment and outdoor stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find these skis on Amazon.

dps alchemist lotus 124

That’s the end of our DPS Lotus 124 review. Tempted to give it a try?


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